one more day

Hey all,
Had a great day today.
Went to the gym and got a good workout in...
Did one  hour on the elliptical, did my weights and my sit-ups.

So, While I am on my elliptical, it is feeling a bit endless.
Sometimes my workouts feel that way.
So I am switching back and forth between my radio and the t.v.
The American Idol finale is on, and of course what could be done in thirty minutes must be dragged out for  two hours.  I am thinking they will be done by 8 and so have not only done my hour but have restarted the machine and am heading into my second hour. ( I have no TV at home.and I have no idea who any of these people are, but I always like to see dreams come true. This is why I watch the super bowl and other big sporting events.)  I have seen Michael McDonald, then Hall and Oates (all the while thinking..."No wonder they broke up, that blond guy does all the singing.') It gets to 8 o'clock and they are STILL GOING. I think 'holy crow people, how long can this go on..." And decide to ditch the rest of this hoo and move on with the remainder of my workout.
But I hear some guy start warbling "Every rose has it's thorn,'
Then I hear all the girls start screaming and realize Brett Michaels has made an appearance.
Now, I am not now, nor was I ever, a Poison fan.
While other girls were daydreaming over long haired rocker types...I held in my heart a special place for Reese from terminator.
I wanted a guy who could make pipe bombs, not don eyeliner.
So, Brett wasn't my cup of tea.
But, since I don't live under a rock...I did know he had recently suffered a near fatal brain Aneurysm.
I nearly cried for him.
Isn't that what we all want?

One more day.

I mean, in many ways...this is why I am losing weight and getting healthy. To live.

As I peddled ineffectively on my elliptical, watching him sing.
I wondered what he must be feeling.
A week or two ago, he was standing on the edge of an abyss.

Gazing into eternity.

Tonight, he was on stage doing what He loves.
I can't imagine he has ever felt More alive, or more grateful to be so.

Today was a very busy day for me.
I had a lot to do.
When I had completed my last Have to do thing for the day, I was driving home.
I thought 'Thank God it's over.'
Then I thought...'But thank you for it."
(This was me talking to God, so he doesn't get any funny ideas about my not being grateful, lol.)
I know each day is a gift.
Today I got to:
I got to Watch my daughter meet new people and make new friends.
I made Trail mix for the first time.
I got to Hand out well deserved girl scout awards.
Slide down a slide.
Feel the sun and wind on my face.
Talk to friends.
Watch a movie and laugh with my husband.
And tonight I get to sit here and write what I did on this day and express my gratitude for having lived it.
By God's grace I will have a tomorrow.
Minutes granted to me, minutes that were not granted to someone else.
Moments lived by me, that others may be missing.
It's a privilege to draw breath, to have a family, to have eyes, and ears.
It's even a privilege to have gratitude, when so many don't.
I know that feeling grateful is a gift given by God.
I hope you all had a great day, and even if it was complete and utter crap...
Here is to a new tomorrow.
Another chance to try again.


Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

His progress is amazing! I'm sorry I missed getting to see him perform tonight. I love that you have taken the time to be thankful for the little day to day things you got to experience today. You're so right, we are blessed with each new day we receive... and its up to us to make the most of them. :)

Helen said...

This: "I hope you all had a great day, and even if it was complete and utter crap...
Here is to a new tomorrow.
Another chance to try again."

Reminds me of this:
Lamentations 3:22-23

"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness."

Thank God for a new day, another chance to be and to try.

Beth Allums said...

I love this - your words are so inspiring
I tagged you in a blog award yesterday

Morgan said...

It is a great thing to remember to be grateful, and it also serves as a way to help us remember that life isn't all bad and we do have blessings. It is something I need to do more often.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Amen sister. Even the worst day is another day of life. And it's all a gift.

BTW, I had the biggest crush on Reese from Terminator, too! lol

Juli said...

One more day is what we are all looking for. What a great song and Bret is an amazing inspiration. Go us for getting healthy so we can all have our one more day...and another....and another...:)

Retta said...

Loved this post... it was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing it.

M Pax said...

Every day is a gift. Life rocks!

99ToGo said...

This was such a BEAUTIFUL post, and one I really needed to read. I'll be hanging onto your statement that, "feeling grateful is a gift given by God." And I believe it's a choice. How awesome that you are paying attention to all of those gifts God gives you on a daily basis :) I'm hoping I can follow your lead...