low blood sugar round 2

Okay, I have been eating around 1500 calories per day and have been hungry.
I don't know why...my weight has stabalized around 157.
I can't really cut my calories because when I do I have problems with low blood sugar..
Thinks like being dizzy and having shakes after working out...
Well today I ate about 1000 calories before even hitting the gym.
I am coming home after burning around 800 and start seeing flashes in my peripheal vision/????
It looked kind of like water or something.
I got home and ate a granola bar.
It stopped.
I looked it up and it is yet ANOTHER sign of low blood sugar. 
Maybe I should put my calories up to maintenance level for a week to see what happens.
I don't know.
This is the third time I have had an issue like this, this month.

Oh, and Tiim and I  did a little 'experiment' this morning with that cat I was talking about last night.
We thought...well, maybe if we bring her in, Leo would just get used to her.
So Tim goes and gets her...he comes through the door with the cat and both Duke and leo are fine.
He sets her down and all hell breaks loose....
That cat gets up on it's hind legs..howls..hisses and swats at poor Duke..(who is just standing there)
Then that cat takes off out the door.
Tim and I both start laughing, cause poor duke just looks so confused.
I said "Well, that didn't work.'
Oh well...
We tried.
Our cat doesn't like the cat and that cat doesn't like our dog.
Well...I am really tired so I think I will get some sleep.
have a great night guys.
Will talk to you tomorrow.


Putz said...

oh dear me thais is just want i have been worried about>>>are you starving to death????do you think you should up your calories to 6000 per day for a while???only cause i love you , the putz

Anonymous said...

I hope you blood sugars work out... I try and stay around 1200 calories but I don't have the ability to exercise..

have a great Tuesday

Laura said...

Animal drama... too funny! Left you an award on my blog. By the way, I had your page open so I listened to your playlist. The Not Afraid song made me cry. I've now downloaded it :)

Robin said...

My dad has low blood sugar and I think I have it, too. I haven't gotten myself tested, but I am not dieting and have "issues" that I am not going to get into right now. I do believe that there are things that you can keep handy to eat in small doses when you feel your sugar drop. When I was a kid I remember my dad always kept peanuts on him at all times. Stuff like that. I don't know if that helped or not... Anyway, I hope you feel better:-)

Anonymous said...

Chris, have you had your blood pressure checked recently? That might be another possible problem. Hope you are feeling better and figure out a solution to feeling that way.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. A good physical with some blood work might be helpful. As others have commentetd, low bp has similar symptoms to low glucose levels.

But, while you're deciding about the MD, you can try eating a carb rich meal before exeercising.

It doesn't have to be a zillion calories. Oatmeal with a banana--do not forget the banana--would do the trick. Then a glass of orange juice afterwards should eliminate the problem if its low glucose. .

You can buy glucose meters that are very simple to use. The meters are not really expensive if you look for a sale, but the test strips are. The meters, if you're not familiar with them, are as small as a small cell phone and usually come in a little case w/ the strips and finger stick thing. Uh-hmm. Yes you must draw blood.

Anyway, if you wanted to invest in that, you could test your glucose level before and immediately after exercise or when you have symptoms.

***I still encourage the MD visit and blood work. Hypogycemia can be a forerunner to diabetes. you need to know.


Learning to be Less said...

Girl I would not want to mess with low blood sugar. That is when we fall and get hurt. I have been there a time or two. Your body is saying "feed me more" so for sure try increasing your calories.

AS for the cat...hilarious!!! That is something that would happen to me and my husband. You have a kind heart.

Keep up all your great work. I plan on living through you since I am all chubby and prego now.

Retta said...

Yikes, I hope you get some definitive answers to those symptoms. There is so much trial and error on this journey.

Kitty drama... I know it well. :-D

Helen said...

I'm sure you could add some calories in especially with all the working out you do. We once brought a little teeny dog into our home with a cat who had already been there for 7 years. Do you know that dog intimidated the cat into living behind a dresser for 2 years!

Seth said...

I'd stay step up the calories a little bit and see how that does for you.

It may be something just that simple.

Unknown said...

Yikes! Be careful over there! Make sure you are getting some food in before & after a workout like that! SAFETY FIRST! :)

PS did u see I got a HR monitor and can now track my pool exercise calories burnt!!! I am so excited!!!! :) WHOOHOOOOO!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I also struggle with low blood sugar, especially when I am working out a lot! Here's what has worked for me:

1. I eat every 3 hours to help my blood sugar stay fairly constant.

2. I always include 10g or more of protein with every meal/snack. Protein and healthy fats take longer for your body to process and they also "even out" any blood sugar spikes from simple carbs or sugars.

3. I eat more and lose slower.

To that last point, obviously you could run circles around me in the weight loss department so take this for what it's worth. I've been doing a lot of reading lately and a lot of folks believe that, especially when you get closer to goal, and especially for people who work out a lot (you), you need to EAT your BMR or maintenance calories and create your deficit through your workouts alone. The idea being that you have to give your body enough fuel to thrive through the hard workouts your doing.

Hope that helps, and I also echo the idea that going to the doc for a checkup and some blood tests is always a good idea.

bbubblyb said...

I think Seattle made good points and I do all those things as well as 5-6 mini meals a day. Also, the big thing I have to do otherwise I get low blood sugar attacks at the gym is I make a protein shake (1 scoop protein powder, 1 cup 1% milk) and drink it while driving to the gym. With the long workouts (2 hours usually) my body just needs that extra boost to get me through. It works every time and the few times I've talked myself out of it thinking I had eaten close enough to gym time I've ended up having to buy a protein shake at the gym.

M Pax said...

How much, what and how often do you eat? You might want to consider eating more often and evening out your calorie cosumption throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

I'd say up your calories too. That's why I love good workout days cause my net calories go up and opportunity to eat more :)

All within reason of course.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of pets. We are pet sitting two dogs right now, and we have a new pet kitten joining us on Sunday. This should be a riot!

outdoor.mom said...

i hope you get the blood sugar thing worked out. try to eat complex carbs, whole grains, things that stabilize blood sugar. maybe you should also consider checking it once in a while. I'm sure your body has to be going through a lot of changes with all that weight you lost :-) i don't know if you've ever looked at glycemic index foods, but it may also help. Eating foods high on the index will cause you to eventually crash. going up and down is hard on the body. eating lower glycemic index foods and complex carbs help to stabilize it.

Kim said...

I second some of the advice that's already been given. With PCOS a lot of times comes hypoglycemia/insulin resistance. So, I've had to become a pro when it comes to blood sugar stuffs. Whole grains, always pairing protein w/ your carby food, and not letting too many hours pass b/t eating will help. Also, I know there's a special way people are supposed to "snack" before workouts and I can't remember but Bitchcakes had a blogpost about this sort of thing and maybe that particular post could help you out. If you don't know who she is, look on my blogroll...it's something like Bitchcakes glamour girl weightwatchers...somethin or other...ya get my meanin. If you left her a comment or emailed her, I know she'd help. She's cool. Hope it gets better. :)