Making goal isn't EVERYTHING...

take that salt...
desalination successful, I weighed in at 160 (actually a smidge below...but I am saving that for next month)
So....made it.
I have an analogue scale.
It's not as 'accurate' as a digital scale...but it does it's job.
Now, I am within four pounds of my lowest adult weight apart from the army.
I was there for a second in 1997.
Then I started regaining with nary a backward glance...179, 190, 210, 239 and then 262.4.
All those weights are seared into my brain pan.
I am hoping to be 155 by the end of may and am willing to put the work in to make that happen.
My calories have been around 1500 a night sometimes 1600.
So the fact that I dropped 6.5 lbs this month...
It's solely attributable to my exercise.
Next month (apart from today, my  no count calorie day, and May 22nd...my other higher calorie day (1800 calories) ( an ellipse within an ellipse is probably illegal) )...I will cap my calories at 1400.
That is as low as I am willing to go.
I like food, I like eating.
I like exercise.
Where I end up is where I end up.
I think I will end up where I want however.
I hope everyone had a great day...today was no exercise, no calorie counting...
I took my kids to the 'how to train your dragon' movie...which was better than I had supposed.
Very cute actually.  Saturdays have become a day for me and my girls to go out together and have fun.
I am glad I get out of the house and Live, instead of waiting to live.
Live now.
I had a bowl of golden grahams for breakfast....movie popcorn with...wait for it...extra popcorn salt (no butter, it makes it too greasy) for lunch...then we went to the blackeyed pea for dinner where I ate one piece of cornbread, one piece of chicken fried chicken with gravy and one grilled corn on the cob (this I must have on a regular basis) ...I tried to eat the mashed potatoes but couldn't, I was FULL.
I have a white chocolate bar sitting in the fridge.
I think I told people about my splurge day.
I can't eat anywhere near what I used to.
total damage for today,  maybe 2300 calories.
Tomorrow it's back to eating on plan and exercising.
I hope you all had a great day.


Brightcetera said...

Way to Go, Chris!
I don't think there was any doubt about it though.
You're so focused and dedicated.
I'm looking forward to the end of May to see how your new calorie cap works for you.

Sounds like you had a fun day. Hope tomorrow is a good one for you, too.

Tony said...

You can send that white chocolate bar to me if you don't want it anymore. /grin.

Great job reaching goal, especially taking into consideration the calories. I wish I was so consistent. very admirable.

Aylilth said...

I think "free" day are a great idea. I have them every Saturday with my family as well. I don't always go crazy. But we deserve to have fun as well.

Oh and btw Golden Grahams......Oh how I miss those!!! Loved them as a kid but here in Australia they don't have them. Actually they really don't have much in the way of sugary cereal's.

Retta said...

Yay, you reached your goal!
Sounds like a nice day with your girls... I agree, don't wait to Live. Live now!

deisegal said...

That's fantastic, you totally deserve it :)

Onewhocares said...

Well done Chris! I'm so pleased for you! What a great achievement. I'm really enjoying your blog, thanks for all the inspirational posts. I printed out your advice (at the side of the blog) about losing weight and I have it in my kitchen!

Manon~ said...

Grats! Pat! Pat! Pat! and one extra for the kiddies (Pat!)

outdoor.mom said...

mmm... that sounds good. the movie looks cute. i guess i will have to watch it with the kids some time. enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Jess said...

HOORAY! Doesn't it feel awesome to reach your goal? I think it's great that you set realistic goals for yourself and work hard at achieving them.

Plus, I'm digging the splurge day. It's funny how much our stomachs shrink huh? I made so much food yesterday that I could only eat half. Had it been the Jess a few months back, I would've eaten everything AND THEN SOME.

Keep up the good work :) Let's kick May's ass!

Onewhocares said...

Ps. I wrote about you in my post today!

Anne H said...

Good old Army weight.
I'm 5 pounds away from mine.
But now I see I need to go down down down!
Even from there.
You are not just "A" machine, Chris,
You are "THE" machine!
Cool Texas song!

Learning to be Less said...

Congrats girl! I am so HAPPY for you. Well deserved. You will get that goal and pound it into the ground!

Melissa said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Great job Chris! Congratulations.

Sounds like you had some wonderful family time too.

You are such an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris!

J Rodney said...

Wow, that's fantastic! Congratulations!

Robin said...

That's awesome. You've already proven that you know how to make a plan and then work it. I think you have to find a calorie cap you can live with and stick with it. It is when we feel deprived that it all goes to crap. And I don't think you are feeling that way now. You have created a plan in which you get what you need. As long you keep doing that... it's all good:-)

MargieAnne said...

Congratulations. It's so exciting to see someone successful and happy.

Thanks for Blogging your way through because you are one of the reasons I'm able to get more of a handle on my own weight loss this time round.

I've gone through the 100 kg barrier with a whole raft of others to go through before I get into virgin country ... well it may as well be virgin as I haven't seen a number below 87 kg/191 lbs for about 20 years.

I haven't read all the comments to you but if I may ask .....

Have you tried any of the alternatives to sodium salt?

I have learned to use other seasonings, partly because of the fluid retention capabilities of salt. I still need some ordinary salt but have to keep it very moderate. I use lots of pepper and herbs but I know that wouldn't suit everyone.

Kim said...

I'm so happy for you Chris. :) Very inspiring. I ate candy and extra potatoes today. Will you come over and stomp me on the head?? lol I feel like I need it...or one of your inspirational posts. I think since I quit smoking, I've been taking it a little too easy. Not sure how to handle it. Either way, so glad you met your goal and wow...1400. I will definitely be wanting to see how you eat with that amount. Keep a few logs maybe so I can see? Just curious. :) My daughter went w/ my bro to the dragon movie tonight too. I would have gone but no one to watch my son. That's ok though, b/c I get to catch up on some commenting. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, sensei, here's my predicament:
I pulled a muscle about 2 weeks ago. It never really healed because I'm running every other day to finish C25K. After Friday's run and further (that means today, too), it hurts like a b*tch. All I've read says when it's this bad, rest.
I DON'T WANNA. But I don't want to screw it up further and miss out on my 5K.
You are a total badass, but have you taken a workout break on your journey yet, out of necessity? What to do?
School me, guru to the obese.