MY TATTOO...and an NSV.

So, about a week ago Tuesday I started getting antsy.
I knew I wanted to get my tattoo but was getting nervous.
Too nervous.
I know me, there is a window of opportunity for new things.
If I waited too long I would talk myself out of it.
And I didn't want to talk myself out of  it.
I wanted it.
So I drove around on Tuesday afternoon looking at  tattoo parlors.
Now, there's a rare treat.

The first one I go to is on the seedier side of town.
It was called 'area 51', I looked through the flash and it all seemed a bit cartoony to me.
The lady who ran the counter was an interesting character.
Her name was muffin...(at least that's how she introduced herself.)

I did talk to muffin...(whose whole face seemed to consist of what she deemed 'good places for hardware")
She had pierced:
The bridge of her nose.
Her upper lip in four places
Her lower lip in four places
her eyebrows
her cheeks
and her ears
and her knuckles.
and well...that was far as I could see.
Anything NOT pierced was tattooed..and anything not tattooed was dyed.
I told her my two places for my potential tattoo....one was on my arm and the other...my right hip area.
She said that the hip area was hard, because you had to 'stretch the skin'.
I just looked at her...then she says..."Oh, I am not saying anything about your weight, it's fine...it isn't that."
I started laughing...but didn't explain why.
Honey, there is nothing you could say about my weight that hasn't been said...
(well that was what I was thinking.)
Besides..muffin was bigger than me.
I decide against muffin.
Sometimes you have to 'go with your gut."
I shopped around a bit more...and ended up at a tattoo shop called "Dark Ink'.
I go in and the first thing I notice is how clean it is.
The second thing I notice is that the 'secretary' is a clean, nice looking Lady who couldn't open an Ace Hardware store with her facial accessories.
I sat down...and asked about their flash.
They don't have any...everything they do is done freestyle.
All their tattooists draw freehand.
I saw the work.
I was impressed.
The guy that runs the shop was very nice. (his name was tinker and he had PURE PAIN tattooed on his knuckles and WTF tattooed under his mouth on his chin) He sat me down and we went through the whole thing.
Single use needles, everything is pre-packaged, used once and thrown away.
I said I would come back the next day.
I went home...
I really thought about where I wanted it and what I wanted.
I decided that I would go smaller.
I wanted the words live deliberately and a heart that represented my girls.
I came back the next day and the lady who did my tattoo was very quiet and very professional.
Her name was Duffy. (Is it just me, or does everyone at tattoo parlors sound like they belong in a disney movie? Duffy, Tinker, Muffin....) 
She was also pregnant and had a NECK tattoo.
That was about the time I decided squirming, screaming, fainting or crying were not options.
If a pregnant chick can get a neck tattoo, I can get a tattoo.
I decided to place it  on my left chest over my heart area.
They made a  stencil of the words and one of their people made a free hand drawing of the heart I wanted...

It is in Edwardian script...and it is about two inches wide and two inches high.
That lady did an outstanding job with the lettering.
I had to be very careful not to breathe heavily and not to jerk.
So what she did was give me a dry needle to get me used to the feeling..so that when she began she wouldn't startle me.

She  ran the needle and it felt like a quick pain...like a quick cat scratch...it  'hurt' but it wasn't unbearable.
So I said I was ready and she placed the stencil transfer..then she let me get up and look...i didn't like the placement..
So, she wiped it off and did it again.
I liked it.
Got in the chair....
And she began...Now, I have to say that the pain was hit and miss.
It wasn't one loooong cat scratch...it came and went...in between it was just vibrations and honestly it felt kind of numb, then she would hit a spot.
I kept my breathing shallow and really tried to keep it even and NOT JERK.
It was really delicate script....I didn't want it to be indecipherable.
The heart was in the same style...just two sides that didn't touch with a delicate kind of line.
You can probably look the script up on Microsoft word or office.
The whole thing took about an hour.
I will have a picture of it in the next day or two, it's still healing and so there is still some ink that is greying up the place...but I can read it very clearly...picture taking is another matter...lol.
So give me a day or two.
I have some really cool news about my size 10 pants.
They fit.
I wore them shopping today.
They still have some tightness in the thigh area, but I could sit down comfortably...I could zip them.
The best part, I was looking for a dress for my upcoming wedding anniversary (17 years) and I found  a perfect pair of shoes..they were gold and hard to describe....(will take a picture of these as well.)
So the lady is trying to help me find a perfect dress to go with the shoes (yes, lol...the shoes are that cool)
She pulls out a brown strapless dress and says "This is a 9/10...is it too BIG?"
I am all like "um, no...I wear a SIZE 10."
She thought it was TOO BIG.
That was UNREAL!
I didn't get it...but I did try it on and it did fit.
I am a size 10.
There are certain sizes that scream different things to me....
Size 24, at my biggest...
I knew I was 'plus sized'.
Size 14...I could shop in the 'normal section'.
Size 10....I feel thin.
It's that simple.
Hope you all had a great day.
I went over my calories today. by 200...not what I wanted.
Oh well.
I miscalculated some black beans.
Not good.
Tomorrow I will keep it to 1400 and the calories will balance.
Luckily I got one heckuva workout in today and burned 800 calories.
I ended up with a 570 calorie deficit.
oh well.
Hugs to you all.
Have a  great night.

Your tattoo having, size 10 wearing blogger...


MargieAnne said...

You are such fun. Congratulations on the size 10 .... going under, going under.

I'm old fashioned enough to disapprove of tattoos but I do understand why you would choose this way of marking your achievement. Glad you found the right kind of people to do what you want.

You are one person I really want to meet in the flesh if we ever fulfill our dream of returning to USA. Dreams are good so I hope it's not all fantasy.

Morgan said...

I can't wait to see your tattoo!!! I have one from my (first) college days, and have never once been sorry I got it (it is in a very discreet place, well thought out on my part considering I was 18 and just as likely to slap it where everyone could see it all the time!) I am glad that you like what you got.

And kudos on being a size 10 - I am a 14 in pants now, and a 12 in skirts and dresses, and will cry if I ever make it to a 10.

Keep it up!

paulawannacracker said...

Yes, you have to be careful with black beans. I too over calculated calories for them yesterday. Just didn't realize how many calories 1.5 cups could be.

Congrats on the size 10 and let me just say how brave you are to get the tattoo. It sounds great and I'm glad you were very selective and did not go with muffin.

Chris, counting calories is just a real eye opener. I think I would still be doing points if I had not read your blog. I mean you have no surprises. With calories I know the # in and # out.

Just thought i'd remind you how awesome and inspiring you are.

Holly said...

Totally rad! A tattoo and size 10! You have got to be so high on life right now!

Sean Anderson said...

I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to see it!!! Welcome to the club! I'm so proud of mine---and i love the significance of yours too!!! Very nice my friend.

And the size 10 jeans---that's awesome!!!

I'm feeling it too! Isn't it great??

My best always

Linda Pressman said...

Congratulations on being in a size ten and on your seventeen year anniversary! Gosh you were married young (but right!)

I had always heard tattoos were painful to get but it's very interesting to hear this kind of detail from you - that it really is!

Kim said...

I can't wait to see your tat and a picture of the shoes and dress...you better take pics. :) When you talked about the lady thinking size 10 would be too big, I smiled for you. I know that had to be a super awesome feeling. I'm so proud of you. Now, I need to get my ass in gear. I think I've gained a few pounds back...ugh. It does not help I'm in a considerable amount of pain too...I may have to get a root canal. ugh. Thanks for giving me that site. I'm gonna look at all the ones people recommended. I want to get my blueprint laid out before my next big post...know what I mean? I dunno. I just feel like I've hit the next leg of my journey...I need to get organized. I think people like you inspire me to want to do that. Thanks. :)

outdoor.mom said...

wow! this is all very exciting! post the tatoo pic soon :-) congrats on being a 10 (or maybe a smaller size)!! i'm so happy for you.

Sheilagh said...

congratulations on the tatoo and size 10, you brave girl, I'm too checken to have one and size 10 is way outside of my plan. I think I might look ill and very old at size 10. But you are are a young gorgeous bride of 17 years so you are looking stunning. Looking forward to seeing your photo's.

By the way the tree is a lemon tree>)



Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

Oooooh, I'm getting a tattoo soon as well, can't wait! I've been looking for a good design for 8 years and I finally found one three weeks ago. A tree on my left shoulder blade (on my back). YAY for tatoos! And YAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY even more for size 10's!

carla said...

all of it
the demarcation with the tattoo and the nsv.



Retta said...

Size 10... gold shoes... 17 yr anniversary... tattoo... this is some great deliberate living. Can't wait to see the pics of the tat!

Alexia said...

can't wait to see it! can't wait to see it! can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

CanNOT wait to see your tattoo. Still working on Joe to get one that says Trophy Husband. He won't discuss it til we hit our goal weights. Lol.

Leslie said...

Waiting with baited breath for the pics of everything!

Seth said...

I've got a tattoo going from below my knee to about mid-shin on the back of my leg. To me, it felt like a nail being dragged slightly.

I'm glad you went small first. That way you'll know. I'm itching to get another one - soon, real soon I think.

size 10! awesome.

Helen said...

I got my tat 2 years ago - impressed the hell out of my (now) 30year old daughter. Everyone told me I'd want more or to add to it and they were right, I think about it but haven't done it yet.

Can't wait to see your pics, including the shoes! My favorite thing!

You could have done a lot worse than miscalculate some black beans.

Rock on girl.

Roxie said...

A perfect 10, you are! Congratulations.

Unknown said...

can't wait to see a pic!

I have a flower on my toe...it was like someone had a match under my toe- burning feeling. lol

Congrats my size 10 friend! :)

Shelley said...

Can't wait to see the tattoo! And what a story you have to go along with it - you have come a long way, Miss Size 10!!!

M Pax said...

Woot on the shrinking you and marking your accomplishment. You're braver than I.

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the ink... i have three and me and my best friend are getting ready to get matching ink.. double L's for lisa and laura with a heart up the left corner.. no bigger than a quarter.... after the first initial pinch the area goes numb...

i love black beans..

KrysTros said...

Congrats on the tattoo and "Size 10!". I know what you mean about shopping at normal stores. I am in a 14 right now, I will be happy if I get down to a size 10 in the next year. Post those pics chic!

Missa said...

So unfair to tease us about the tat and not show us the tat. Must show Ink! Must show Ink!


Anonymous said...

Woohooo! You got your tattoo! Can't wait to see pics.

Woohooo on the size 10!!!