I refuse to balloon in June.....

Well my bloggy peeps.
First things first, the song has strong language...if you don't like cussing...turn it off.
I just love the message. I looked for a clean version but couldn't find it.
so, forewarned is forearmed. It's a cuss fest, but the song has a lot of heart regardless.
So, anywhoozle.
I decided something.
I have decided that I am not going to meander after all..I have tried.  I don't like 'meandering'.

I am not the slow and easy type.  I need a goal. I need to set my eyes on something and conquer it. IT's my personality...It's who I am. It's how I Roll...not like the relentless mississippi, more like a ball of fire.
I can meander at goal weight.
 RIGHT NOW...I just want to get there.

So, I am going to buy a pair of size 8 pants and head in that direction.

In the spirit of decisiveness, I have decisively decided to make up my own challenge.
I am going to call it "I refuse to balloon in June'.
Last year I did every day in May. I love rhymes.
Well, I walked every day in May. It kept me on track, it gave me momentum.
I fiddled with the idea of 'maintaining' my not goal weight through June..
*insert whiny voice for next sentence*
It was going to be hard, I would be traveling, what if someone held me down and force feeds me ho hos in arkansas...
It's been known to happen.
In arkansas.
So, anywhoozle...except we aren't going through arkansas
I realized that I was setting my mind for mediocrity, or in more accurate terms...
for failure.
So, instead of maintaining.
I am going to lose.
At least 1 lb a week.
That means on this vacation lalapalooza, I will be exercising every single day of my trip.
That means in strange hotel rooms, at my MIL's house....even the night we arrive...
I will be asked why I can't just 'let it go'.
I will be forced to refuse that promised 'bucket of chicken'.
I want to prove to myself and you guys that losing weight while having food thrown at your face for days on end is possible.
The challenge will keep me in the game.
There is only one problem with this whole thing.
I should be able to blog, especially at my MIL's house ...it will be three solid days there of blogging.
But the traveling time will be hit and miss...I will blog daily in word and post when possible.
My mom doesn't have any internet whatsoever.
So,I may get one hecka blog Post in, but it will have to be up at the college where I am sure some hippy runs a wi-fi espresso bar.

So the goal is to drop 4 lbs in June.
It's on...I refuse to balloon in June. Anybody with me?
It's nothing official.
Just from June 8th till June 21rst...whatever the circumstances, no excuses...even if it means doing standing push ups at a loaf and jug and lunges in supermarket aisles, even if it means you are doing bicep curls with canned tomatoes at your nephew bar mitzvah, even if...EVEN if, you must jog in parking lots in circles...you will accomplish one hour of exercise every single day...
Whose in?
Have a great night guys.
Talk at you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Good for you, I know you can do it!
After keeping up with all that while at your MIL's house, there won't be anything you can't do!

Have fun!

✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

I'm in. I'm tired of pussy-footin' around and not getting anywhere. It's boring and pathetic.
I'm going to cap my cals at 1600 for the day and walk for an hour on the Grindstone or outside in nature or ride my bike. For June.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

That'll fit right into my Deployment Challenge so I'm totally in. :)

MargieAnne said...

That sounds so exactly you. And it's exactly what you will do. love your resolve. It is very possible to manage to lose weight while on holiday and you will enjoy your holiday even more.


Annalisa201 said...

That is IT! I am sick of repeating lame excuses to myself, and tired of lying just for the sake of comfort. Discipline time. I AM IN!!!

Kim said...

Yeah, I'm in too! I just gotta figure out this calorie thing in the next few days...I'm probably making it harder than it is. I've never counted calories before.
Anyhoo, you might have to remind me I accepted your challenge later b/c I'm on some great muscle relaxers right now. lol. I'm a bit whooohoosy. As a matter of fact, I think I'm gonna stop with commenting on blogs right here b/c I foresee a train wreck if I don't stop now. I'm feeling very silly right now and almost anything I think up sounds funny to me. ☺ lol! Have a great trip by the way.

cmoursler said...

lol@ Kim...I will swing by and remind you once you are off your buzz. lol.

Linda Pressman said...

Thanks for the great playlist, Chris! I'm wild for this stuff from Eminem - especially that Airplane song!

Glad to hear about your June challenge. Of course people always say things to people who exercise on vacation or "diet" on vacation, but guess what? They say stuff to people who do that stuff at home too. There will always be people who try to sabotage.

anne h said...

I've always said on my blog
"just for this summer- no bread"
"just for this month, no candy."
So about 5 people already know this.
I love me some mother fucking eminem.

Natalia said...

Wow love this post. Just the kick in the pants I need! :) Thanks! I'm with ya!

Kim said...

LMAO! Ya wanna know why I'm lmao? B/c I remember joining your challenge but I didn't know what kind of challenge it was...totally don't remember it. Ha! Darn! What did I get myself into??
Well, I'm currently in a medical induced "fog" at the moment...again....watching the youtube video I put on my blog post from lastnight. I can't tell you how many times I've watched it thus far b/c it's still making me laugh like I've only seen it one time. Oh, and Fitcetera said a funny word in her comment. hehehe (still laughing at it too like I did lastnight). lol Maybe I should put your challenge in my yahoo calender so I won't forget it again. :) Thanks for the reminder Chris!

Kim said...

Wait...what challenge? ;)

Robin said...

I am a huge believer in doing what you know is right for you. Go for it!

99ToGo said...

Sounds good to me!! I'm living proof that a person can travel, stay with one's favorite binge-buddy, and come home LIGHTER than before. You can do it. I'm looking forward to meandering at goal right along with you.

So-Me said...

I am definitely in :)

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I'm in - 60 minutes/day, 6 days/week for the month of June...urg!

Tammy said...

I can't believe I'm going to commit to this...but I am, lol. It's EXACTLY what I need. I'm doing another challenge right now to lose weight...but I haven't done a drop of exercise since I've been back from the beach and that is pathetic. Did I say I can't believe I'm committing to this? Ok good...as long as we're clear, lol. You can't have me until June 1st though...gotta' build up my fortitude and focus, lol. I'm committing to at least an hour a day (which is a 4 mile walk for me) and I'll do it 6 days/week. I'd never be able to fit it in on a Saturday when Dwayne's here and wants me by his side every second...and he's allergic to exercise it seems...but I'll do it 6 days....that should cause me not to "balloon in June". :)

P.S. You ARE going to create a badge for this so we can put it on our blogs and post about it, right???? :)

Holly said...

I'm in!

Hanlie said...

Good for you and good luck! I really like the idea, but won't commit to an hour right now, but I will commit to at least half an hour every day from June 8 to June 21.

Sandy said...

I'm in!! I didn't start until today, June 3, but i'm gonna bring it for the rest of the month!