Good day...and a discussion wrap up.

Hey all,
Thanks for taking the time to comment on my last post...all those for and against.
I did want to address a few of the comments.
1) I don't want anyone to hate themselves for 'how they look'.
I think the looks part of morbid obesity (and I may be naive here) is the least of it.
It's the early death thing I worry about. 
However, someone ...hallie...made a great point.
If someone decides that being morbidly obese is just fine for them. If they don't want to deal with it, or they don't want to 'get healthy'....then it should be acceptable.
The only thing that worries me with that line of thinking would be the idea that what we do doesn't affect the people around us.
I had an interesting discussion with a feller on youtube.
He was angry cause Dr. Oz invited Richard simmons on his show because he was gay.
Gays being more prone to AIDS specifically, and that since Dr. OZ won't hire smokers..he shouldn't have Gays on...(I know, the logic is something to behold.)
Well, there are are whole plethora of behaviors that can lead to an early death.
NOt wearing seatbelts.
Drug abuse.
Risky daredevil type behavior such as  base jumping.

All these things can 'increase your chances of a sudden demise.
So can overeating.
When it's just you, then it's just you.
But because I have two children...in many ways I have voluntarily taken on a bigger responsiblity.
To be a good example.
I have been morbidly obese.
I tried every day to be a good example.
I tried to be a good mother.
I think in many ways I succeeded.
But the biggest failure wasn't being morbidly obese.
It was teaching my daughters that when they become moms...they should take no time to keep themselves healthy.
I was teaching them to rate themselves, their health...underneath that of the family pet.
I believe we are all children of God, and our weight does not add or detract from our worth as human beings.
But I also believe telling people that they aren't capable isn't loving either.
But nagging people isn't loving at all either.
It has to be up to each person.
I just think the whole fat acceptance thing is missing something big.
The most loving thing you can do is to believe in another person's potential to truly create the life they want.
I had a good day.
Did my elliptical, weight lifting and the situps.
Have a great night guys.


Alexia said...

i've never heard anyone speak for cocaine or heavy alcoholic beverage use. yet people advocate fat acceptance?! it's ridiculous. today, i was on the rain and i saw a very large woman with a very large child. it made me very sad because the very young child's health is already compromised. for many families, just the fact that the parent is okay with being morbidly obese causes the child to hold that same view. i think that as parents, sisters, brothers, lovers, whatever, we are responsible to love and to take care of each other. i could understand someone arguing for 'a huge mole on my face and i'm not surgically removing it' acceptance. but when being morbidly obese causes a host of illness and makes life even more difficult, why ever would anyone accept it? last year, i was seriously ill, like dying, because i was severely anemic. all because because my fat messed up my hormones. it's not worth it. no one deserves to have their life shortened or to have to endure terrible diseases. fat acceptance is the worst idea i've ever heard. period.

Alexia said...

*was on the train. not rain.

cmoursler said...

Thanks alexia.
That was kind of how I was approaching it. I can see the sensitivities to it though. I've been there. If someone had told me I was in some way failing my kids I'da punched em square in the gob though. lol.

Alexia said...

yeah, i think it's ok if a parent has a health problem (maybe smoking or a weight problem) as long as they are open with their child or children about healthful choices. but if a parent eats terribly and is morbidly obese and allows their child to do the same and doesn't set an example but accepts it, it makes me sad.

Alexia said...

and i hope i don't offend anyone. being 22 but having a health age of twice my actual age isn't something i'm proud of. that's why i'm working on it.

cmoursler said...

well, whenever you bring up a sensitive topic...you may offend one person but make 5 others think differently. I am a big believer in thinking about things.

Kim said...

I went back and read your post Chris and wow...you have such an ability to make people think. I started typing my thoughts, but it was getting kind of long and it kinda ties into what I was going to blog...so, I'll jsut let you read it on mine if that's ok since it'll probably be long. :) I haven't written it yet, so don't bother looking yet. lol

carla said...

I adore that entire mindset about the most loving thing being supportive of and helping others create the life they want.

unconditional love and positive regard.

Seth said...

you can make people think! You definitely have that ability.

I have more thoughts on this - but I can't put them together right now for some reason.

I'll be back later with a clear mind!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Lately I find myself less and less accepting of the attitude that we should accept people's decision to be morbidly obese. It's a tough one though. We want to support each other, but at what point do you need to start pulling out the tough love approach? I have started to warm up to the Jillian Michael's approach lately. Scary, I know, but I'd rather have someone think I was a nasty person than live with the guilt of knowing I stood by and let someone I care about hurt themself.