The refuse to balloon badge (Ha haaa) an beautiful blogger...

Well, Thank you ice queen....That worked.
Now I know how to make Blog awards.
I have arrived.

In case you can't tell, that is the original violet who blew up like a blueberry.

Charlie and the chocolate factory is a favorite around our house.

"Violet, your turning violet, Violet.

So, there is the badge....do with it what you will.
Remember the official dates are June 8th through the 21rst.
If you want to do them all the way through that is cool too.
Just a quick post updating your daily exercise should do it...
Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

I walked 4.6 miles today...haven't done my situps yet...but will soon. I wanted to get this badge up and running.
Thanks for all the joiners.
I was never a joiner,but seem to be becoming one in my advanced years.

Well, Tomorrow it's back to the gym.
I went clothes shopping today and bought three pair of size 10's.
They are still a little snug but they fit. In one or two weeks they will fit even better.
It's kind of like the opposite of when you were a kid and bought the clothes big to grow into them.
Now I buy the clothes small to shrink into them.
Hope you all had a fab day!
Karen @ Fitcetera
so me
seattle runner girl
This will be fun.
Oh and I got an award a while ago and am falling behind.It's the beautiful blogger award...
Mrs. Happy pants awarded it to me yesterday..
and The monkey and me gave it to me a few days before that...
I have to write 7 thing you don't know about me..
Short of a speculum and a headlamp...I am not sure that there is anything ya'll don't know about me..
But I will give it a shot.

1.) On the day I left for the army I spent the lasat two hours NOT phoning my current boyfriend. Instead I put on a tape of Prince singing "cream'...and gyrated and jumped and danced like you wouldn't believe.
I was excited to be getting out of that one horse town.

2.) I hate the sound of chewing. I can't stand mouth noises.  It's just a thing. I can't sit with someone while they slop through their food. I will actually get up and leave.

3.) Socks and shoes.
I don't like them and never have.  That's why when I heard about the  idea of 'barefoot running'...and it could make my hillbilly need to disregard footgear look hip, I went for it.
I'll do the other 4 tomorrow.
Have a great night guys.


Ice Queen said...

I'm glad that it worked. :D

I'm looking forward to the rest of your answers.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Yay for size 10s! I can squeeze into some 12s now... can't wait for single digits, lol.

Love the badge, I'll use it soon. :)

Linda Pressman said...

Nice badge there, Chris!

Kim said...

Whoohoo! Wow, this is the second award I've gotten today! Man these muscle relaxants are good! The hallucinations are great. lol! Oh, and what money? I have no clue what you are talking about. ;)

Kim said...

Oh, and thanks Chris. :) I appreciate the award...a good reminder of not to balloon. I favor not ballooning. :) And it's a great opportunity to talk about myself...which I'm also in favor of. Oh, and in case you know another girl named Kim and the award was not for me...disregard all this. Mmm-k? ☺

99ToGo said...

I had my young kids in the dressing room with me a few years ago, while I tried on some pants. They were too big, and when I started taking them off, and told my kids I wouldn't be buy them because they were too big, my eldest said, "Don't worry Mommy. You'll grow into them!" It's sad, but she was right, and I gained enough at that time to fit right into them...

Robin said...

Like your badge. Before you know it, you will be computer savvy!

Liked your comment. That was kinda sorta where I was going with my post. You just took what I was saying and put the words together a bit differently. Cooool.

Curvy Jones said...

Keepin' on Keepin on! I finished my 31 days of walking today... and on to the next one! New project starts tomorrow, still going to be walking a few days a week. Kind of hooked now. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


Tammy said...

Woo Hoo...a badge!! Great idea to use Violet, lol. And I hate chewing noises too...such a major pet peeve.