Pie....chocolate that is...

So...I have been craving Chocolate silk pie. And by craving I mean I had a dream where I ate a piece.
I have never eaten a piece of chocolate silk pie in my life.
But I have eaten chocolate, and I have worn silk.
I don't even know where I picked up the name.
But I typed it in and found out that the village inn has chocolate silk pie.
So, with full preplanning and forethought (three days of it)
I drove to the village inn, and picked up a pie.
I Watched my calories today.
And had a piece for part of my dinner.
It was as good as it sounds.
It was 300 calories.
Which neccessitated a 4 mile walk on my day of rest.
No way I was letting this piece of pie sit on my rear.
So, calories balanced for the day.
Chocolate silk pie...
pretty frippin fantastic.

Other than that I have a minor nsv.
I have a pair of heels that are a wedge type heel..about three inches or so..almost four.
I bought them at my heaviest and was never able to wear them for more than 20 minutes without it absolutely killing my feet.
Today I wore them to the Big R, Walmart and pumping gas...about 3 hours.
At the end it felt the same as at the beginning. They didin't hurt at all.
I may be able to wear heels now with no problem.
Probably ought to buy a pair. ( oh that's right...I was going to last night....gotta look as Hot as scojo)
Well, gonna keep it short.
have a great saturday everyone.


Kim said...

mmmm...pie. lol! You'd never had chocolate silk pie? My friend, it's a good thing you met me...I am a chocolate conniseur (not sure if I spelled that right). Then again...probably not good you met me if you wanna keep that weight off. lol j/k It's good to enjoy ourselves once in a while. I'm taking it easy as you guys recommended...but not too easy. I just haven't felt like logging...will get back to it after the weekend. :) You have a good weekend w/ your family too. :)

outdoor.mom said...

unfortunately, i became acquainted with french silk pie when i was but a young lass. i may still be wearing her (who knows?!)
It is very inspiring to me how you decided to have some, formulated a plan and followed through with it. At this point, i don't want to all together eliminate certian foods from my life. There are times when i fast from them for sure, but my over all goal is to figure out how to live balanced. i believe God gave us all things to enjoy. It helps me reading your blog how you are learning to find a balance :-)
Its like the whole credit card bank account concept - you wanted to make a purchase so you made sure you had the money first and followed through with replenishing funds, etc, only with food. We should understand these simple principles, but sometimes some of us don't.
i bet your family enjoyed the pie too!!

Robin said...

I don't know if this will work for you, but I find that I can read about a desert and then imagine it and it is like eating it. I guess I have a pretty active imagination. Anyway, the imagining is enough for me. Imagining eating the desert satisfies the craving for it. I know that sounds odd. Maybe I am just a freak of nature.

Anne H said...

Have you met my blog friend cmoursler?
The craziest blog on the block!
You'll know her the minute you read her.
She's the one who is an advanced state of shock!

Musta been the pie!
Love the tunes.
I Feel Pretty!

Linda Pressman said...

For one week we had a gigantic Costco coconut cream pie in our refrigerator. This is something that, back in my fat days, would have meant just sitting down with a spoon and shoveling. Instead I just watched it disappear, wedge by wedge, into others' mouths!

I think it's great that you have a way to have your pie and eat it too, so to speak!

Mrs No Spend said...

Anything with the word chocolate in sounds good!. I am not sure what chocoaalte silk pie is though!x

Retta said...

I'm dreaming about chocolate covered donuts...
You are dreaming about chocolate silk pie...
There must be something in the water!


Stephen said...

I love that you planned out your pie, and that you even bought an entire pie and you are able to control your portions.

If I wanted pie, I would just have to buy a slice.

Boozy Tooth said...

Oh gurrrrllll.... Chocolate Silk Pie is a fave in the South. Village Inn stays in business pretty much just for those, and you better believe the line is out the door on holidays for all the people queued up to pick theirs up.

Love how you fit the piece into your day - and a 4 mile walk is a good thing, pie or no pie.

Hope you enjoyed!

Rita @ Fitblogger said...

Love the shoes! Who knew that losing weight meant wearing high heels felt better? Someone should have told us that a long time ago. Maybe I could have lost the weight sooner to prance around in my *collection*!

Putz said...

good for you my deer, i mena my dear

KrysTros said...

I haven't been on blogspot in such a long time so I haven't seen your new pic until today. You look fabulous! Now send a little willpower my way b/c my weight has been stagnant for awhile.