The hoover dam aint the only thing retaining water.

I like salt...m'kay!

Sue me.
So, yes...I dump some on my veggies that I 'roast' till they are charred.
I love it on eggs in the morning.
I love salt on chicken...
and if I don't put salt on it, then I put something resembling salt.
Like season all.
I love ramen.
I love V8...and no- I don't drink the reduced sodium version because it's bland.
I add salt to low sodium soup.
I know...why did I buy low sodium soup...um..
It was an accident.
And don't put a piece of banquet fried chicken with breading in front of me...
I pour salt all over it...and then make a pile next to my chicken so that when I finally eat the breading off,
I can dip my chicken in the salt.
I have no excuse.
However, this leads to a 'bit' of water retention.
two or three pounds worth.
So during my monthly suck fest where I weigh in...which would be tomorrow..
I have to de salinate.
I do this by eating foods I like without salt.
So basically.
yogurt and granola bars...
and chicken tacos with salsa.
For two days.
Till I am nearly yogurted and granola barred out.
I just ate my granola bar...
I will be eating yogurt with my peaches and honey later.
Another acceptable food is sweet potato with(1 T) butter and walnuts and brown sugar..
I got by with my eggs this morning by putting 1/2 tsp of salt on them and then coating them in pepper and hot sauce.
I had a chicken with peppers and onions and mushroom sandwich from charlie steakery for lunch...no cheese and no salt.
I am hoping the water residing in my ankles will depart and I will hit 160 lbs tomorrow.
If not...well then at least I don't have to weigh in  for another month...lol.
I will at least hit 161. I have increased my muscle mass...I can actually see it.
In my arms. In my biceps and triceps.
Oh, and when I say I 'lift' 45 lbs...It is on one of those machines ( the fly thingy) Not on a weight bench with 45 lb dumbells...so at the most it's 22 lbs per arm.
I aint the hulk, yet lol.
Well, here is to hoping I manage to flush the rest of this water out of my system.
This has been a tough month. I exercised every day but four of them...
I watched my calories like a hawk.
I hope it pays off.
Hugs to you all.
Keep on fighting the good fight.
Your salt loving blogger,


Brightcetera said...

We always knew you were a woman worth her salt!

and a woman who eats BUTTER! and EGGS! A gal after my own heart.

I bought myself a wonderful sea salt grinder at Costco and I salt my food just cause it's so much fun now. :)

I eat Splenda. I have no shame.

Here's to hitting the 150's tomorrow, Chris!

Anne H said...

Thanks for explaining the flies....
I was just asking....
You sound like a warrior!
Which, in fact, you are.
Salt is good, though, eh?
It comes and it goes.
And it's all good.

Ice Queen said...

I also like salt. I shouldn't but I do. Life and food are just too bland and colourless without it. And it is worth a little puff, to me. :D

I hope that you are 160 for your weigh in. If you aren't tho, you will definitely be well below it, next weight in! :D

Anne said...

If I have a choice between sweet and salty...it's salty all the way (that would be chips).

Unknown said...

I am a salt licker too. lol when I make popcorn( in my micro air cooker) I add salt- but then lick my finger to get the remnants off the bottom of the bowl. lol sad!

You know it makes no REAL difference what that scale says- you are already a LOSER. I love calling fellow weight loss bloggers LOSERS and it be a NICE thing to say! lololol


outdoor.mom said...

i like salt too. umm... i think salsa is full of it, but it is low in calories :-) good luck! Sometimes drinking more water can actually help reduce swelling. It has to do with flushing out the salt and being mildly dehydrated due to your activity level. It may be worth the try. With all the fat you are losing your kidneys need to keep flushing well anyway. God Bless!!

Kim said...

lol...like salt much? lol. Try drinking a bunch of water with lemon juice and stevia in it. It'll flush the salt right out along w/ a good bit of retained fluid. I have lymphedema so swelling and fluid retention is the story of my life. I have to find small tricks to lose excess fluid. That's one of them. I can literally gain 2-3lbs. of fluid overnight. Either way, I'm sure you've done well. :) Weigh in will be a synch. Thanks for the comment over at my blog. I don't think anybody realized that was one of 4 entries I typed lastnight lol!...I'm .2 away from my 30lb. mark...and it's now been 6 days since my quit. :)

J Rodney said...

Oh yes Salt! I'm turning 30 this year, and I have heard that this is the year that everything changes....

Good luck on the weigh in, and way to go on all the exercise.

Retta said...

I LOVE salt, and have it everyday! Only instead of using the pure sodium chloride (regular table salt), I use sea salt. Like Fitcetera, I have a little grinder. It's actually better for you, and contains trace minerals that balance out the sodium chloride. If interested, scroll down at this site to where it says Why Sea Salt?

I've gotten mine from them for years... love it. I just get the least expensive, the gray Celtic sea salt. It's great stuff.


Helen said...

I have an affair with salt going on. One time the doctor made me go off completely to see if my blood pressure would come down any. Nope. So they let me have my lover back.

I'm with Fit & Loretta - switch to sea salt.

Boozy Tooth said...

OMG! Your post title made me bust out laughing! You are adorable, Chris.

And they say eggs are natures "perfect food." I say, not until they come out of the shell salted.

I'm with you on bland food. Blah. Stick with Kosher and Sea salt. More flavor, less sodium.

PS: I love you.

Becca said...

That is a LOT of salt!

I don't think that's healthy... I mean.. in the long run??

Who knows, I'm no doctor. ~winks~

I too love the salty, but I must say, I have never dipped foods into a salt pile on my plate. I have never had a salt pile on my plate. Be careful! It sounds like you're doing great otherwise.. and it would suck to hurt yourself health wise in one area, when you're working so hard in all the rest!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

The joys of a salty meal! Another fun fact about salt-when you get past forty, your eyes will puff up like a balloon the day after a salty meal. I swear, that alone keeps me from overdoing it too often.

Anonymous said...

I hope you see what you are looking for on the scale today.

I am big fan of salt too. Now I use sea salt and I love it even more. It tastes really, really good. I had no idea different salts would taste differently, but they do.

Kim said...

I agree w/ the comment about Celtic grey sea salt. If you love salt, you would love this salt. It's not bad for you and it makes food taste awesome. There's no comparison w/ the taste table salt. A little goes a long way too. :)

Robin said...

I do believe that you were the one that said that you were entering the phase of this program where it was going to become about maintenance. So, it sounds like you intend to maintain your "relationship" with salt, that means you are going to have to figure out a way to balance that out in the future as well. The thing is... I know you will figure out a way to do it, because where there is a will, there is a way. And you have a very strong will. A strong will takes you where you need to go.

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

THANK YOU so much for this post!!! I am another that loves, loves, loves salt. I do the exact same thing you do with chicken lol...it's horrible! So thank you for letting me know I'm not alone in my devotion to salt. Erik accidently bought me low sodium soup when I was sick this last time lol. I was PISSED! hehe, well not really, but mildly annoyed maybe....easily fixed by grabbing the salt shaker on the way to the dining table lol xx

Lanine said...

That is so funny.
I do not share your love affair. If you're talking chocolate- that's a whole different ball game.

Amber said...

Wow, I didn't know how in love you were with salt ;}
See I knew you had to have a vice, like the rest of us.

Hope you see what you want on the scale.
If not, good! Give me a chance to catch back up. :)

Your doing AMAZING! yuck! It's so not fair having a friend who is stealing all the attention now.
just kidding, love ya

see ya

Seth said...

Who doesn't love salt? Except Lanine - two comments up. :)

I do find though that I will just eat whatever -- plain, dull, or bland in order to reach my goal. It sucks sometimes - but I know what the food is doing for me. that helps.

At least you don't have to eat yogurt, granola bars for a month!