I flew here from cleveland...

and boy are my arms tired....
ba dum dum...
I didn't fly anywhere..I'm still right here, in front of my dilapidated lap top.
My arms do hurt.
I think it was that trapeze last night.
(Not a sentence I'd ever thought I'd type...anywhoozle.)
I did my gym workout.
1 hour elliptical. 210 situps and weights.
Someone asked me about how fast I do my elliptical.
I really don't know how fast fast is.
I get about 5.25 miles done in an hour.
at about a 5 setting.
However fast that is.


Well, I called my little brother today.
He told me that his girlfriend had her appendix removed.
So after asking about her difficulties, I asked to borrow the whole p90x thing...
He said he wouuld send me insanity.
After looking that up, I thought...
"I'd better be ready for that."
So I think in May, I will get jillian micheals 30 day shred and do that every other day with a four mile walk...
and the other three days stick to my gym schedule (but maybe modified...don't know)
should be interesting.

And by interesting I mean painful.

And by painful I mean excruciating.

We shall see.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
I am in at 1500 calories today consumed...1600 to maintain and about 800 calories burned through exercise for a 900 calorie deficit.
Here's to tomorrow.


Amber said...

I've heard that Insanity is... well pretty insane. Have fun!

Sounds like a good workout plan!

Unknown said...

wonder how many calories we could burn if we really could fly? lol :) Great job on the exercise today! :)

Manon~ said...

Lol thanks for starting my day off with a mile - I appreciate that lol.

Jess said...

And by excruciatingly painful, you mean awesome. Let me know how the 30 Day Shred goes and how Insanity is. I found a copy of P90X that I'll probably start...in a month. Post half-marathon. I just can't be bothered with something else on the plan right now.

Dang. 210 sit-ups. That's pretty gnarly. And I mean that in a good way.

Retta said...

Hey trapeze lady... if you want to shoot me an email with your address, I'll send you my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It has more floor work than I realized, and I can't really modify it enough for me to do enough of it to make it worth it.

So I'd be happy for it to find a new home.:-)

rettakat at gmail dot com


Helen said...

Gotta love a woman with a plan!

Seth said...

My wife does the 30 day shred. It is pretty good, but she has noticed that level 1 doesn't make her sweat anymore...up to level 2 I guess. That's great that you are going to do insanity...why does that seem like a perfect fit for you and your workouts?! just playing. :)

Boozy Tooth said...

Crikey girl! I hurt all over too, just from reading your gym routine! That just seems like too much stress on your poor bod. Ever hear of "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips? He assures us that the "right" kind of exercise does not require hours and hours of torture. He recommends no more than 46 minutes of weight training 3x per week alternating with 20 minute aerobics sessions 3x per week - taking Sundays off.

Page 38:

Myth: The longer you exercise, the better.
Fact: Too much exercise prevents results.

This myth is one I battle daily. The workouts I recommend are brief, intense, and highly effective. They stimulate the muscles and burn fat. And they take less than four hours a week. That's it. That's all you need. And despite what so many people believe, working out more is not better. It's really not.

I've learned from countless hours of scientific research, personal experience, and most importantly, from thousands of people in the real world that working out too much actually takes us further away from our goals. Not only is it hard on the body, but it is also very draining on the mind. Brief intense periods of exercise produce impressive physical results while actually clearing the mind, relieving stress, and allowing us to focus on accomplishing the day's goals...

With exercise, as with so many things, it's not as simple as "the more you put in the more you get back." There is a point of diminishing returns beyond which, if you keep pushing your body, it will begin working against you.

I didn't mean to get preachy or long-winded, but I just thought you might like to know a different philosophy. If you are interested, I'll be happy to mail you my copy of Body for Life so you can check it out. Just let me know...

Love you girl. You are amazing.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

I started P90X (lean) the other day and I like it. I have Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and that is a good workout too but I wasn't sweating my tail off as hard as I have with my trainer or P90X. I really want to try Insanity but I hear it's much tougher than P90X so I'm going to let that take it's course then hit up Insanity.

Unknown said...

Insanity! Yup it's intense. I haven't done it, but have seen it. I'm a beachbody member (of course I seem to have something to do with absolutely everything new), and have the Turbo Jam, and Chalene Extreme DVDs. Was going to go with either P90x or Insanity but ended up getting my gym membership and seeing a PT for awhile.
Insanity looks hard but I also think YOU can do it. Very boot campish.

Robin said...

The things I learn on your blog... Insanity. I thought that was a typo at first. Then I realized that it wasn't. There really is some sort of program out there called Insanity that is some sort of workout. And people do it. Hmmm. That is something to ponder more later. I wonder what she will name the next hardest level (assuming it is a she and there is a next hardest level)? My grammar was terrible in that sentence. I am totally flummoxed. Psychosis maybe? Anywhoozle. Robin out.

M Pax said...

ONe of my cats has always wished she could fly. Honest. I lift her over my head and fly her around making airplane noises. She just loves it. Does that count as flying? LOL

A trapeze, huh?

Laura said...

See, to me, something called "insanity" is just not what I would think is a good idea ;) Let us know how the 30 day shred is, I've been contemplating buying it!

Anonymous said...

A lady I know who is doing Insanity and has done P90X says Insanity makes P90X look like a cakewalk.

Christine Jeske said...

Yes . . . P90x . . . I have been trying to work up the courage to borrow that from someone. I have heard good things! Keep on swinging you crazy trapeze woman. :D