One pound One hundred times...

162 lbs. size 12 Photos taken by Amber

1.) One hundred pounds ago...
I believed I would always be fat.
Now I KNOW I will always be thin.
How? Because the first belief was based on my sense of victimhood.
My new knowledge is based on my year long quest to prove to myself that I am able.
That I control my body, and that my body does not control me.

2.) One hundred pounds ago, I watched four to five hours of tv a day.
I lived vicariously through others.
Now, I watch none and live my own life, fully.

3.) One hundred pounds ago, I feared grocery shopping and doing any other physical activity on the same day. Just shopping would wipe me out.

Now, I go to the gym and work out for an hour and a half, go grocery shopping, unload the groceries and then clean the kitchen and organize the pantry. And still have energy.

4.) One hundred pounds ago, I used to dread walking the quarter mile between my daughters' two favorite playgrounds.
In fact, I wouldn't. I made excuses.
Now I walk a 5.6 mile loop...and the last little bit passes by those two parks.

5.) One hundred pounds ago..When my kids wanted to go to the nature center and take a hike, I would tell them I was too busy (even when I wasn't) .
Their dad would take them and I would stay home planning school or paying bills.
This past Saturday, I took my kids to the park last weekend and did a two mile nature hike with them, where we saw turtles, and red winged blackbirds and geese.

While My husband was home taking a nap.

6.) One hundred pounds ago, I used to go to the movie theatre and worry about fitting in the seat. I would get a large popcorn and a soda and endure what I felt were the judgemental stares of other people.
Now-I fit in that seat with enough room to sit indian style, I know...I did it. I get a diet coke and a small popcorn with no butter but extra popcorn salt.

7.) One hundred pounds ago, I was in a size 24.  Now I am in a size 12.
And as for those fat pants...I burned every d*mned one.
8.) One hundred pounds ago, I would eat in my car and hide the fast food bags.
Now- If I want to enjoy a high calorie meal, I eat it in front of people and relish it.
And I Have Absolutely No Shame.

9.)One hundred pounds ago, I always took seconds at meals...always.
Now, I never take seconds, ever.

10.) One hundred pounds ago, I had three colors in my closet grey, black and beige
Now, I have a rainbow in my closet...current favorite color...coral.

11.) One hundred pounds ago my stomach would almost touch my steering wheel of my van in the drivers seat.
Now, I've got room for me and my eight year old sitting on my lap.
12.) One hundred pounds ago, I thought dressing up would be like putting lipstick on a pig.
Now, I never leave the house in the morning without lip gloss and mascara...at the least.

13.) One hundred pounds ago, I dressed to disappear.
Now, I dress to impress.

14.) One hundred pounds ago I had a negative tape running in my head 24/7...It said "Your fat, Your ugly, Your stupid...Your not worth loving."
Now, I have a tape in my head that says "You can do this! your fantastic! your strong and capable and D*mn, Your husband is a lucky man! lol

(Let me just stop right here and say that if you have a hate filled tape playing in your head, shred it and record a new, positive tape...until you get rid of that voice..it will kill your motivation to be and do better.)

15.) One hundred pounds ago, people never looked me in the eye.

Now, I have people saying Hi to me on a regular basis...I have stopped being invisible.

16.) One hundred pounds ago, I never made time for my health.

Now, It's my first priority.

17.) One hundred pounds ago, veggies were a decoration on my plate.

Now, they are the main dish.

18.) One hundred pounds ago, I drank a pot of coffee a day.

Now, I drink two cups.

19.) One hundred pounds ago, My mom was so worried she wrote a letter to Richard simmons...No, I'm not kidding.

Now, My mom is asking me for dieting advice because I weigh less than her.

20.) One hundred pounds ago, I was the fattest mom at my daughter's homeschool enrichment course.

Recently, I ran into one of those moms and had to introduce myself because she didn't recognize me...and when she did she said "WOW, you have lost A LOT OF WEIGHT...You look FANTASTIC!"

21.)One hundred pounds ago, I would give the stink eye to skinny women in public places who hemmed and hawed over their caloric choices...

Yesterday, as I stood in line and was hemming and hawing over a candy bar..I look up and there is an overweight bagger giving me the slack jawed, I can't believe her, what would a candy bar do to her, stink eye look I used to give. SO, Now, I get the stink eye, and I couldn't be happier....lol.

22.) One hundred pounds ago, I was so ashamed of my weight that I avoided having photos taken of me.
Now, I voluntarily post body shots on my public blog which is viewed by at least 200 people I have never met.

23.) One hundred pounds ago, I couldn't walk up steps without getting winded.

Now, I can run up the stairs without noticing-if I forgot something.
Speaking of stairs...

24.) One hundred pounds ago, I would send my kids upstairs for things I needed.

Now, I only ask if they are up there...if not, I get it myself...because it isn't hard.

25.) One hundred pounds ago, When I was at the park I would sit on the bench and watch my kids play.

Now, I play tag and outrun them.

26.) One hundred pounds ago, I wouldn't go to the pool because I didn't want to get into a bathing suit that had gotten way too tight...

Now, I am looking forward to buying a new bathing suit and going swimming, because the one I had gotten too 'big' for, is now too big for me (size 16).

27.) One hundred pounds ago, I felt old and tired.
Now, I feel young and alive.

28.) One hundred pounds ago, I felt depressed and hopeless.
Now, I feel happy and expectant.

29.) One hundred pounds ago, I was afraid to meet people and stand out.
Now, I am a girl scout troop leader.

30.) One hundred pounds ago I couldn't tell you what made me happy.
Now, I make myself happy.

31.) One hundred pounds ago, my past still had a grip on me.
Now, I have dug up the crap and cleared out my coop. My past no longer has a hold on me.

I win.

32.) One hundred pounds ago, I felt like I controlled nothing.
Now I know that the keys to life are all in my hands...I just have to use them.

33.) One hundred pounds ago, food was an enemy, a friend, a comforter, an excuse, a solace, a shield.
Now, It's fuel.
34.)One hundred pounds ago, someone compared me to Roseanne barr.
Now, they ask my daughter if she has an older sister.

35.) One hundred pounds ago I wouldn't buy tie shoes cause they had gotten too hard to tie without contortions....
Now, I tie my running shoes for a three mile jog
36.) One hundred pounds ago, I wore sweatpants because they let me eat more..
Now, i wear sweatpants so I can move more.

37) One hundred pounds ago, Just walking got my heart beating hard.
Now, I can go one hour on an elliptical and barely clear fat burning at 137 beats per minute.

38.) One hundred pounds ago climbing on a step ladder was a big deal...
Now I can turn, and using my hands...hop onto the counter without any step ladder in sight.

39.) One hundred pounds ago, I lived with a fear that was crippling me, a fear of men. Now I am
taking that fear in hand by going to self defense classes.
40.) One hundred pounds ago, I had ulcers on my feet and fugly toenails because I couldn't reach them to clip them.
Now, I Have healthy feet and (currently) fire engine red toenails.

41.) One hundred pounds ago, I wore an overshirt everywhere I went...thinking it concealed my extra weight.
Now, I have a shirt that shows some cleavage...lol.

42.) One hundred pounds ago, I had excuses.
Now I have blog posts.

43.) One hundred pounds ago, I felt inferior.
Now I feel equal.

44.) One hundred pounds ago, I kept my feelings stuffed down with food.
Now I feel them.

45.) Then-When my oldest daughter was about 7 years old, she told me (after I encouraged her to finish her breakfast) "You just want me to be fat like you."

Recently, My youngest told me that she wanted to be me for halloween.. When I asked her what kind of costume that would entail...heart in my chest...she told me she would need running shoes and exercise clothes so she could run door to door....cause that's what I do, run.

46.) One hundred pounds ago, my husband treated me more like a buddy than a girl.
Now He can't keep his hands to himself.

47.) One hundred pounds ago I got my clothes from goodwill and maybe from Walmart..I found what fit and quit. Now, I shop...I try things on to see if they look good. I wear cute clothes.

48.) One hundred pounds ago, I never did my hair. I would comb it and slap it into a pony tail maybe....that is it...I didn't bother to get it trimmed...colored...nothing.
Now, I color it, I have it cut, and every morning before I leave the house I make sure it's done.
49.) 100 pounds ago, my identity was mom.
Now, I am Chris. Yes, I am mom, and a wife...but I am also me....a seperate person with hopes and dreams.

50.) One hundred pounds ago, I never thought about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.
Now, I think about my plans for the future...and am excited.

51.) One hundred pounds ago, I never asked for valentines day cards or birthday presents or attention.
On this last valentines day, I told my husband that not getting gifts or flowers was no longer acceptable. I wanted something....even if he were to pick some flowers.
And, I got a gift for my birthday without having to buy it for myself. ;o).

52.) 100 pounds ago, no was no to me...no matter how unfair or ridiculous..Now, If I think something is complete and utter bs, I say something.

53.) 100 pounds ago, I was always trying to make myself 'useful'....I didn't trust that anyone would actually want to just hang out with me.
Now, I am myself and have learned how to say NO. I trust people will understand and want to be my friend because of who I am and not how useful I am.

54.) 100 pounds ago I ate my anger.
Now, I have learned how to express it in a constructive fashion.

55.) 100 pounds ago, I thought I was low key and mellow..
Now I know better.

56.) 100 pounds ago I couldn't tell you what was on the radio, music wise.
Now I listen to all the new artists because I workout to Fm radio and rediscovered my love of music.

57.) 100 pounds ago I put my art away and never thought I would draw again.
Now, I pulled it out and am drawing again.

58.) 100 pounds ago I felt dead inside.
now, I feel like living....every minute. And squeezing life like a lemon till I get every last drop.

59.) 100 pounds ago I felt I didn't have much to say.
Now, I write on a blog daily.

60.) 100 pounds ago, I had a hard time breathing while flat on my back.
Now, I have no problem breathing laying down....or standing up...or doing jumping jacks..or jogging....

61.) 100 pounds ago I had heart palpitations at any old time....bad ones...
Now, I don't.
62.) 100 pounds ago I resented other people's carefree attitude.
Now, I have one...

63.) 100 pounds ago I was a pessimist about life.
I thought it made me 'realistic'.
Now, I am an optimist...reality is created.

64.) 100 lbs ago, I was waiting for some outside force to make my life better. Thinking it was where I lived, or my home or whatever...that was making me unhappy...when It was me.

Now, I am making my life better one choice at a time. And so can you.

65.) 100 lbs ago I was trying to be the image of the perfect mother and the perfect wife....
Now, I try to be the perfect version of me. God made me, and he don't make junk.

66.) 100 lbs ago I kept all the funny, snarky, and silly stuff I thought inside bundled up tight....People thought I was a very serious person (unless they were very close friends or family)

Now, I let my little mouth shine.

67.) 100 lbs ago I would dream I was thin only to wake up fat.
Now, I dream I'm thin and wake up...thin.

68.) 100 lbs ago, I would walk into Walmart and stroll through the 'normal' section and think "I'll never fit in those clothes."
Now I shop there.
(all you gals who know what I am talking about raise your hand)

69.) 100 lbs ago I couldn't find a towel big enough to wrap all the way around me without gapping at the bottom.
Now all my towels wrap around me.

70.) 100 lbs ago I displaced alot more bath water then I do now.
Now, my water bills are higher. lol.

80.) 100 lbs ago, sitting would hurt my ribs because my belly fat shoved up into them.
Now, not an issue. Although my butt hurts cause it's bonier...lol.

81.) 100 lbs ago I had cankles (N. calf-ankles)
Now I have calves, and ankles..nuff said.

82.) 100 lbs ago I had three chins.
Now I have one.

83.) 100 lbs ago, I had doors slammed in my face.
Now men hold them open for me...fair? no...true? absolutely.

84.) 100 lbs ago, I was outside gardening when a group of boys went by in a car and made rude sounds.
recently, I was walking and a young man asked me if I wanted to see a trick...then He jumped three objects in the road..on his skateboard....Then he asked me what I thought...
Then his buddies started making smart comments about impressing the pretty 'girl'.

I thought about telling him I was old enough to be his mother...but let it lie...*snicker*

85.) 100 lbs ago men yelled rude things from their vehicles...things like moo...
Now men yell rude things like 'nice @ss"

86.) 100 lbs ago I loved to dance but was too big to really move.
Now I can crank out the moves.

87.) 100 pounds ago, My fat was my shield against my fears.
Now, My hands are.

88.) 100 lbs ago I avoided mirrors like the plague.
Now I try to see my reflection as I walk past store fronts, trying to get used to what I am seeing.

In desperation chris seeks out family members to complete her list....be back...currently skulking...

89.) 100 lbs ago my husband said I looked sick...
Now he says I look pretty...when inquiring as to whether that meant I was ugly before he replied quickly, 'prettier' (he hasn't been married for 17 years for no reason)...and my boobs look "better' cause the rest of me is smaller..and he can see them better.
(told you he was a romantic.)

90.) My oldest daughter says
100 pounds ago i was more 'agitated'...???
Now I am nicer...(I am in a better mood)
And when I said agitated..she heaved a sigh and said in an agitated tone...YES...AGITATED.


91.) My youngest said to me...
You never used to jump, now you jump..
you never used to run, now you run...
you never used to play, now you play...
It's kind of weird. but it's fun. I'll have to get used to it.

92.) My good freind Amber said
You used to come over and sit the whole time when you visited..
Now you stand.

93.) 100 lbs ago I had a very limited view of what I was capable of...
Now my opinion of my potential has expanded to just about limitless.

94.) 100 lbs ago I based my worth on my weight.
Now I base my worth on who I know I am as a whole person.

95.) 100 lbs ago I was tired when I woke up and tired all day long.
Now, I am tired after I work out...but only for a bit...

96.) 100 lbs ago I had a hard time getting off the couch without pushing myself with my arms.
Now, I can do 210 situps in under 10 minutes.

97.) 100 lbs ago, I prayed my daughters wouldn't grow up to be like me...
Now I wouldn't mind.

98.) 100 lbs ago I wondered if I would be here to see my daughters grow up and get married.
Now I have greatly improved my chances of seeing that happen.

99.) 100 lbs ago I would explain why I didn't work out and couldn't lose weight...
Now when I see people who know I have lost 100 lbs. they are explaining to me why they can't lose weight....lol.

100.) 100 lbs ago the thought of writing a post detailing how my life had changed after losing 100 lbs wouldn't have occurred to me...because I was a different person.  I have a vague memory of her...but it's almost like I shed my evil twin. I can't recall really what my thought processes were...but I do know that somewhere along the way, how I view the world...How I view challenges, and opportunites and new activities and people and possibilities is 180 degrees different.
It's like the day I stood there in build a bear flipped a switch that began a process that changed my life.
I will never be the same person.
I am so happy and thankful that happened.
I am so happy and thankful that 11 months ago I put down the food and picked up a life.
I hope you can look within yourself, see that you are worth it and move forward and never look back.
One hundred pounds seems like alot..it looks impossible when you begin.
But really...It's just one pound.
One hundred times.
On  to Goal,


Vagabonds Mercantile said...

That was an amazing post. You are such an awesome person. What an example you are. BRAVO!

Putz said...

congrats"s chris, congrats chirs>>>100 times, no 140 times{you will lose another 40 and then you must stop and eat something, chris

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post Chris! You look so beautiful and that top is super hot!!!

Thanks for sharing your awesome achievement with us!!!

Ice Queen said...


And thank you for a lovely, thoughtful and inspiring post.

MargieAnne said...

I love your 100 things.

58.) 100 pounds ago I felt dead inside.
now, I feel like living....every minute. And squeezing life like a lemon till I get every last drop.

For me this is it in a nutshell.

I hope you read right through all your early posts one day and relish the difference in how you think. You have been articulate and expressive and have a wonderful story. I do hope that somehow during the last '40 pounds down' you will consider compiling your journey as a book for all to read. Stories like yours are so encouraging.

I know there is a myriad of weight loss books and personal stories but you do have one worth publishing.

You have inspired a slow learner in an old body. I thank-you.

Enjoy your beauty of heart, mind and body *smile*

Sheilagh said...

Thank You 100 times Thank You.
An amazing post, Chris you are an amazing woman. I have said it before and I will say it again, this blog needs publishing!!!

You Must Publish It.

Thank you again



Daisygirl said...

Congratulations, Chris - phenomenal post from a phenomenal woman!


Leslie said...

Congratulations! You are truly beautiful. Remarkable transformation - inside and out.

Seth said...

I was reading this and just kept smiling because I am really happy for you! You have done an AWESOME job. I am proud of you.

It's incredible how much you have changed in 11 months. It is like two different people. I know that I'll hit each of my goals that I have set -- not just because I can work hard, but because there are people like you (freakin' weight loss/fitness master jedi superheroes) that have done it.

i feel its only appropriate for me to say two more words in such a time as this.

you stud.

Alison said...

I have to remember to thank Mrs Fatass for sending me over here. WOW! Awesome, well done and thank you. What an incredible post. Truly the post was inspirational I can't wait to read the rest of your blog. Congratulations.

Dani @ PFL said...

Oh. My. Goodness.


Seriously, your progress has been so inspirational to me. You've done such a remarkable job and I congratulate you on your forever changes!

Christine Jeske said...

I am totally crying. This is beautiful. I am so glad to me your online friend, to have had the chance to get to know you and be encouraged by you! CONGRATS!!!!! Keep on living. ♥

Shelley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You look amazing, fabulous, healthy, fit and HAPPY - what a wonderful achievement!!!

Hollie said...

Congratulations! You are beautiful, and inspire me to do my best!

K. said...

congrats! what an accomplishment and you have such a way with words...love what u wrote and i am thrilled for you! K.
my blog: www.it-is-time.com

Laura said...

Don't know what to say other than you are an amazing inspiration for me! Thank you for sharing your 100 :)

Amber said...

Awsome job Chris!

The best part is how much happier you are and how much more confident in yourself you have become.

Great post!

You are an inspiration to so many, keep it up. I know you will.


Seth said...

hey - shoot me an email, got a question for ya.


The neverending journey said...

Congrats! Such an inspiring story and such a great post. It is amazing to see the both the physical and pyschological changes you have gone through on your journey. Aw inspiring.

WWSuzi said...

I absolutely loved this post!!
You are awesome :)

Hanlie said...

Of all the posts of yours I could have stumbled on this week, I am so glad that it was this one.

Well done, Chris! I particularly like the title, because that is exactly what you did - you lost 1 pound 100 times. You really do have what it takes and you inspire many, many people out there.

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of how life changes after losing 100 pounds. It sounds great!

CJ said...

I came here from Seth's blog. I was curious to read about how it felt to lose 100 lbs and I was wowed! Congratulations on the awesome loss ans amazing journey so far. Best of luck for the future.

♥ CJ

Anne H said...

You built more than a bear that day!
Great year.

Brenda said...

Ditto what Putz said.
You have been and are on an amazing journey, Chris. This post was beautiful, funny, tearful, enlightening. I pray many people can read this and realize their is hope for their own weight loss or any situation or problem they face.
You should enter this post into a magazine or something.

Unknown said...

AMAZING! Great post!! You my friend are a SUPER STAR!! Congrats on 100 GONE! :)

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, Congratulations on your 100 pounds. Your transformation, both inside and out, is truly remarkable. Thank you for your inspiration. As you know, I've had my weight off for years but your posts about determination help me to be determined in so many other ways and they teach me what it means to be fierce and not to give up. Thanks for your friendship.

ashley!nocera said...

This was such an amazing and inspirational post. It made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry, made me SO PROUD of a perfect stranger. You have come such a long way, you are truly an inspiration! I started at 254lbs (my highest that I ever SAW on the scale, but I think I was around 270 at my highest) I was spilling out of a size 22. I'm currently 232 and wearing and 18-16 depending on the brand. My goal is to lose 80lbs in a year bringing me to 174 by next January. So, with similar weights and setbacks, I can relate to this post in so many ways. Thank you so much for sharing and helping me stay encouraged and on track!

Jess said...

HOORAY! CONGRATS! I really hope I get to one hundred pounds too. I was so close and then I lost sight of what I was trying to achieve. You look great, but most importantly, you FEEL great :) I'm so glad you've found who you really are. It's amazing how with each pound lost, you start living life more.

CCR said...

Inspiring...exciting...moving. Thank you. And congratulations. Despite being half the woman you once were, you're now twice the woman!

Anonymous said...

So, I thought about this post all day yesterday. Didn't know quite how to respond. I tweeted the link and loved seeing people excited for you. I'm happy for you. I adore and respect you. And then I figured I'd just come back and say that.
So, good work.

Shane Leighton Photography said...

Great post! 100 lbs, you must be so proud. Fantastic work.

Alexia said...

Amazing, Chris! I couldn't be happier for you. Thanks for inspiring us.

Kate Sermon said...

That was fantastic and has provoked a damn good cry and a reinforced need to get where you are now. Thanks for the inspiration xx

Tammy said...

What a truly fantastic post...obviously your best one yet....I laughed and cried all the way through it. I'm just so proud of you and can't wait to feel what you're feeling. I know you're happy about all of this, but do you ever get caught up in the emotion of it all? I think if I found myself in the "normal" clothes dept in Walmart because the "women's" stuff was all too big, I'd probably crumple into a ball in the middle of the floor and cry my eyes out like I'm doing right now, lol.

Unknown said...

OMG Chris, you are absolutely gorgeous. WOW 100lbs - that is so fantastic. I cried when I read this post, I am so happy and proud of you. You have worked hard, I've been reading your journey along with you and am so amazed at how determined you have been and how much of an inspiration you are to others.
I am so happy for you!
Love that shirt too by the way.... Very sexy.

Cara said...

Wow, Congratulations!!! This was an amazing and inspiring post.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

Chris, I am soooo proud of you!!! Congrats!!!!!

Hallie said...

Hey, you look great! Now I want to go shopping.

Paige (The Last Doughnut) said...

What an awe inspiring post! I love your second point. I have to remind myself not to get sucked in to too much TV time or Internet time. It's corny, but true: The only way to live life is to get out there and actually live it! Congrats on your hard work, strength, and determination!

Jeremy Logsdon said...

You're frickin' awesome. Congrats! :)

Katie J ♥ said...

That is a WONDERFUL post Chris! Thanks for your honesty and we are SO happy for you!

bbubblyb said...

Chris, as I read this post I found myself tearing up and would have to stop, I found myself smiling, I found myself shaking my head "hell yes", I found myself knowing every word and GETTING IT. What an amazing journey you've had. I love your passion and I swear I need more "Chris" in me *smile*. I'm so happy you're here and TONS of congrats on your great success. I feel grateful to know you and read your words *hugs*

Andrew is getting fit said...

Your results reflect your dedication and commitment. Well done!

Helen said...

I can't decide which is my favorite, "I win" or "Nice @ss". You do win. In fact, you are the champion.

I wish some publisher would snap this post up and make a booklet out of it for doctors and counselors and pastors and whomever to hand out to overweight people who feel no hope. Because I don't have 100 to lose but reading it sure does make me feel hopeful.

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Fab-u-lous! Thank you so much for taking the time to contemplate and write this wonderful post. If this doesn't inspire people to believe that anything is possible, nothing will. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out.

M Pax said...

An amazing journey you've taken. You look great. Better than that is the 100 NSV's you noted about dropping 100 pounds. Way to go. I'm applauding wildly.

Melissa said...

You = AMAZING!!!!!

So proud of you.

I love this post. I need a "one year ago" one. hmmm....and I have no topic for today (or the week for that matter.)

Lynda with a Y said...

Thank you for that. It was beautiful and inspirational. Good for you!

Morgan said...

Amazing! You are simply amazing. Congratulations! I want to tell you that you look gorgeous, but I also want to say that I know that isn't the most important thing about what you've done. The most important thing is finding yourself and having complete and total faith in who you are. Way to go!!!

Morgan said...

Oh, and #84 - AWESOME!

Shae said...

You are simply amazing. If this doesn't motivate...then, I don't know what does. Congratulations to you. I am so happy for you! And you look great!

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

You are awesome girl! And I'm so glad I found your blog. :)

paulawannacracker said...

You're absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of you Chris. You fantastic and I've said this many times here... you're my hero. Really. If you can do it, so can I. I'm not quite where you are but because of you... I know its possible.

I was beaming from ear to ear as I read this post... just so incredibly happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am sitting here grinning and tearing up at the same time. CONGRATULATIONS, Chris! What an amazing journey you are on. Your commitment to doing what it takes is inspiring and I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!

Brightcetera said...

Chris ...
1. This post is all kinds of wonderful and I'm saving it to read over and over. This is a guidebook to Life and how to live it.
2. Damn, Woman ... Sexiness Personified!

"I am so happy and thankful that 11 months ago I put down the food and picked up a life." ...
I ♡ this part.

Chris, you're showing us how it's done and you deserve every bit of happiness you've grabbed for yourself.
Well done, Woman!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I'm playing catch up again, lol. Congratulations on this huge milestone... 100 times over! You are amazing and so is this post. #53 is me to the letter... and I think its something I'll always struggle with.

You look fantastic! Can't wait to see you at your goal! :-)

Deb said...

Wow. Really great post. I'm bookmarking this one to read again and again.

Congratulations on all your achievements.

RedHead said...

You are so amazing!! Congratulations!!!

Roxie said...

Congratulations! You are incredible and are motivating so many, many people to see what IS possible. Awesome!

Lyn said...

Wow! Bravo! What an amazing post. I was reading along thinking how great all those things were and suddenly I got to #92 or 93 and the whole cumulative effect of what you were saying hit me and I was moved to tears. You have some of the most profound, wonderful, helpful posts I have ever read.

I am adding you to my blogroll... and I never, and I mean, never, add anyone to my blogroll anymore. But people need to read you. You are so inspiring. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late to comment. I saw this 2 days ago but needed to really have the time to devote to reading everyone number slowly and take it all in!

I just took it all in like the sweetest piece of candy I've ever had.

Thanks for paving the way for me...


Retta said...

I'm just getting caught up... but didn't want to miss out on congratulating you on the Big One Hundred.

I don't know it you're interested (if not, perfectly fine!) but on my sidebar there is a little sign that says The Century Club. I would be honored to share membership with you. Just take a copy if you like.

Great post... so many of the entries touched me deeply, and someday I hope to have a list like that, too.


Paul said...

Nice going on your 100 pound loss! Very impressive!

Your 100 pounds ago list was great!

Lori said...

Bravo - what a fantastic achievement and post!

Erika Jean said...


Nona said...

Good for you!!! You look GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I was sitting on my a**, watching tv, reading blogs, feeling sorry for myself (for no real reason), and debating taking a nap or a shower... I came across this post and after this comment am putting on some clothes to excercise, THEN shower, and THEN take the time to do my hair and make-up (maybe even paint my toenails - I like the reds, too).

I know you wrote this post for yourself - but it spoke so loudly to me today that it brought tears to my eyes. I want to be able to celebrate accomplishments just like this. I've had some great sucesses (55 pounds gone) but have been struggling recently (mostly emotionally, mentally) and have felt my motivation slowly waining... thanks for reminding me why the struggle is worth it.

B*E*S*T post I've read in a LooOOooOOooOOooOOnnnnng time (seriously it should win an award!). ~ Angie

Anonymous said...

i am on day 4 on the ww program. i followed a link here from another blog. this is one of the most inspiring posts i've ever read. i have to add you to my blogroll now LOL! congratulations to you and you have inspired me to push forward!

266 said...

WOW!!! Congratulations!!!