Who inspires me....

Hey all...
I don't do alot of blog awards anymore...not because I don't like them...or am not flattered by them.
I am and I do.
I just have soooo many people I love to read.
I have soooo many people I admire.
Picking out people can feel a little like stepping through a mine field.
LIke tonight.
I have recieved a blog award I am going to accept because someone took the time to pick me out or single me out specifically as someone who inspired them.
To have inspired someone or have someone say you inspired them, Is mindblowing for me.
11 months ago, I couldn't have felt less inspiring.
So I accept the award Sheilagh gave me.
For which I thank her...It means alot.
She designed it herself.
I am to pass it on to six people who inspire me.
Now, I am going to pick people who inspire me.
That doesn't mean they are the only people to inspire me.
But it does mean, that these are people I aspire to be like as people...
Not necessarily weight loss.
So, there are some weight loss icons I am going to skip over who motivate me daily..

Jack, Tony anti jared, Sean at daily diary,  266 who is a machine, and the like. Great people who would get this award (and probably will)....
The people I am going to give this to, are people who have attributes I need work on.
People I hold in high regard:
So, First up is Loretta:
Loretta and her positive attitude...it ought to have it's own zip code.
She has been given a bag of crap to deal with, and she does.
With grace.  With a positive mental attitude. She chooses to start new daily.
I get pissed. I have my little hissy fits..over things like water retention.
I am not as dedicated to a positive mental attitude as she is. So, when I get my panties in a twist...I pop over to loretta's for a mental adjustment.

Second is TJ:
Yes, TJ is a weight loss Goddess...She has had great success in losing weight.....sloooooooooooowwwwly.  For reasons that are outside of her control, she has to do everything the hard way.  The long way.
She does it with a light spirit. She does it with a look to the future. She doesn't complain, or whine or moan.
She just does. and she cooks...well. She is also an encourager,  she cheers others on..
She inspires me to be PATIENT, to take the long view...and try some new food, dangit!

Thirdly....Michelle from my big fat super super obese blog.
I started reading her a while back...and I tell you what.
The one blog that will stick with me for the duration of my weight loss endeavors, is her taking a chair to walmart so she wouldn't have to use the cart.
So she could sit down when the walking became too much, The minute I read that...I knew that someday she would lose the weight.
Anybody that determined has something solid inside. She is stronger than she knows.  I admire her.
And if you swing by and check her out...she has lost nearly ten pounds this last week. I think she is on her way.

Seth...he is new to me...but I admire his dedication to his community and the kids he teaches...as well as his willingness to help others..
I would also like to  comment on his rabid intensity regarding exercise....sometimes when I am reading his blog I feel like I am reading my thoughts in regards to exercise....  He is currently jogging on a broken ankle...so props seth.

Fifth, marilee from the hicks mix:
she is not a weight loss blogger. She is a young lady who is a birth mom.  She did something that I think is incredibly brave. She gave her son the life she wanted him to have by finding him a family to love and love him.
In the process, she is dealing with the heartbreak of being seperated from a child she loves.
In my book, that is the highest form of love. The self sacrificing kind.
She has my utmost respect.

Six, Exquisite Christine my fellow chris mafia peep...
She has just recently begun digging in her coop.  It is hard to start and hard to keep at it when everything in you wants to cover it up and make it go away. She is too smart and brave for that...so she will keep digging.

I would give this to several other people...but it's outside the rules.
I haven't known her long...but Kelli from my journey to a new life....I would definately give one to her so I will lol. (sorry sheilagh!)
Kelli, to start where you are starting from. To love your family like you do. To put others first and to maintain a kind heart.  To help your mother, to start putting yourself out there, to walk in your casts... That is huge. Not to mention you are about to kick this weight loss thing in the rear.
So seven it is.
I love my friend amber but I get to tell her daily what an inspiration she is to me....
The rest of you inspire me as well...but I just wanted to take this time to call out to people who I am so impressed by lately.
They are going places, so drop by and say howdy...
I did my gym workout today....elliptical, 210 sit ups, 36 lower back extensions (40 lbs), 36 lat pulls (40 lbs),
36 tricep extensions (35 lbs) and 36 flys (45lbs)
Great workout, great day.
Hugs to you all...


Anonymous said...

This spoke to me: "...she has to do everything the hard way. The long way. SHE DOES IT WITH A LIGHT SPIRIT."

I want that to be true about me. Right now, it is not. I have many wonderful qualities, but ain't nothin light about me. chuckle.

I'm going to pray about how to change that--at least a little. (uh-hmm, I rather like being intense, so it's going to take some work to have both.)

Thanks for the inspiration. You deserved the award.


kellidee said...

awwww iam so overwhelmed..you inspire me as well..i am so grateful to have you and the others as friends on here and fb..it is inspiring to me everyday to know you all are out there cheering me on..i loveyou always chris..thank you and i graciously accept...kelli

Retta said...

I haven't done a lot of commenting lately, but I never miss reading your blog, cuz you inspire ME!

Thank you for thinking of me, I truly appreciate it.


Anne H said...

YOU are a machine!

Boozy Tooth said...

AWESOME! I love the tributes to all your special bloggers. It means so much to hear kind words and encouragement.

Congrats on your award and for the lovely way you have paid it forward.

Anne H said...

Chris - What?
You do 36 flys with 45 pounds each?
My God, woman!
I had to come back, to ask - it just occurred to me!

Sean Anderson said...

Thank you for the comment on the speaking videos. Only a couple of people subscribe to that account---so you're the only one to watch the "sneak preview," so to speak.
I'm very self-critical. So much I wanted to say and didn't. Overall I gave it a B- ...But it's ok, because this isn't what I do full time---and someday when it is---you can bet I will not leave the stage feeling like anything was left out.

Thank you my friend,
Thank you very much!

My best always

Unknown said...

I loved how you handed these out- speaking about each blogger as you did so. Being a weight loss blogger & hearing how you feel about me gave me a big boost! SO THANK YOU! I appreciate it! I need lil things like this to give me strength. This meant a lot to me Chris! :) xoxo

Seth said...

I appreciate what you said. You have to know that you push us just as much as we push you.

I run around the blogosphere and every now and then I see people replicating what you have said, done, or your style.

I think we are on the same exercise wave length. We can just feel ourselves become stronger - it's almost addicting.

Taking away from one addiction for a healthier one -- who said addiction was bad?

Amber said...

Thanks Chris.
You are an inspiration to many.

Did I see Tim walking Duke yesterday?

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

thank you so much chris. I have to say that you are probably one of my favorite bloggers with your thoughtful insight and guru diet wisdom ;). Even when I'm waffling and coming up with a zillion reasons why I can't, won't, or shouldn't exercise, diet, or just be nice to myself, you are there to encourage me and remind me why it's important that I continue to try. I can't even begin to imagine how many other bloggers you inspire with your wisdom and support! thank you xxx

bbubblyb said...

You made me tear up with your award tributes I will definitely go check out the few I don't already read.