Private Oursler reporting for duty...

Today was my First day of boot camp.
Here is what I ate...
3 eggs 1 piece of toast: 310 cal.
2 cups coffee: 4 T sugar 1/2 cup milk 240 cal.
1 granola bar with flax seed: 190 cal.
3 servings beef jerky: 240 cal.
3 servings turkey sausage: 270
1 bell pepper 30 cal.
6 mini shrooms: 30 cal.
2 green onions 15 cal
6 cherry tomatoes 10 cal.
1 tsp. olive oil. 60 cal.
calories in at : 1395..woohoo.

Elliptical: 715 cal. 1 hour with 5 min. cool down.
200 situps
36 modified push ups.
Went to the weight machines and did lower spine and glutes...
Upper back muscle
and the fly machine for my shoulders and chest...
It was 25lbs
then 15 lbs
then 25 lbs respectively.

The only one I really felt was the fly one....
Weak shoulders.
I don't really want to build these muscles, just sculpt them.

Tomorrow will be my 5.6 mile hike.
Might do some lunges with that.
Don't really know what to do with the bottom half toning wise.
I hope everyone did well today..
Oh and I just wanted to give a quick something on what I say to myself in the grocery store.
I bought groceries today.
Going through the aisles can be a time bomb unless you know exactly what you are looking for.
So here is my internal dialogue while traversing the store.
I don't say "mmm....nummy' when I look at junk food.
In a scottish accent (It's usually in my head...but I could say it out loud...depending on how tempting it is...)
I say "It's crap. Crap. crap. and more crap...cause it (the item in question) Is usually surrounded by similar junk.
It could go crap, crap, good (gum) crap crap good (pretzels or salsa) crap good crap...
and so on.
I label it before I know if I want it or don't want it.
I also know just what it is I am buying, because I have certain things I like to eat now.
yogurt and peaches...eggs and whole grain bread...soup like beef and barley etc.
I am miffed if they don't have my breakfast turkey sausage. I eat tacos occasionally but no flour tortillas, only corn.
I make pizza occasionally..but use whole grain crust, less cheese, turkey pepperoni..(the turkey is a versatile creature)....I love sun dried tomatoes...so those go on as well.
The majority of items in my cart are fruits, veggies and proteins and whole grains.
I load up my cart with these...fruit is my new desert.

Things that never go in the cart..
oh, I'm sorry, did I say popcorn...lol.
ice cream, cookies and chips. I don't buy regular sodas or sugary cereal..blocks of cheese cause I will eat it.
I buy 2 percent cheddar pre-shredded.
I don't buy lean cuisine, smart ones, rice cakes or 100 calorie packs.
They leave me hungry.
Olives and pickles are great to buy cause you can eat ten little pickles and still not kill your calorie budget.
So....That is how I do the grocery store.
I hope you guys are doing well...
One day down...28 more to go.


Retta said...

You label it "crap" before you know if you want it or not... I never thought of that before! Great tip.

Linda at Bar Mitzvahzilla said...

Great tips on the grocery store, Chris. One day I actually had to buy a bag of candy for school or something and I realized that I had NO IDEA where the candy aisle was! It had been so long since I had walked down that stupid aisle I just had no clue. Finally I went to the front counter and asked an employee. Of course, by the snacks and chips!

Tony said...

Good tips for shopping healthy! I do buy popcorn though, but always regret it after I finish a bag or two later that night while watching reality tv lolz.

Anonymous said...

Great workout!!! Love the way you shop. I just shop with my blinders on and I will not buy anything that isn't on my list.

Just to clarify about your comment on my last past. It was 27 degrees Celsius here which is about 80 Fahrenheit. Nice and warm!

Good luck on your run today!

Anonymous said...

Super tips! The one thing I differ on [like Tony] is the popcorn, but the single serving bags keep me from going overboard [although I s'pose I could just pop all 12, lol!]. But, for me at least, they really do help keep me away from the Lay's. Best of luck with Boot Camp!

Robin said...

Those are great shopping tips. I just never go to the grocery store when I am hungry. And I am big on lists. But, labeling the junk as junk or crap before you really look at it is excellent. And you are right about turkey. I stopped eating beef almost ten years ago and you can buy ground turkey, turkey brats, and all kinds of other turkey stuff. It is awesome.

Putz said...

oh, i finally get it. oursouler, meaning you concentrating on our>>>>i never knew, honest, that is why you have been getting all those names>>>>bless your heart

Leslie said...

Pickles and olives rock - glad I'm doing SOMETHING right! Good inner dialogue. Makes sense. And clearly yields results!

South Beach Steve said...

I really don't know what to do on the bottom half either. My wife tells me that my legs already look good, but I still want to tone them a little more.

Seth said...

what do you use to calculate your calories used?

Shae said...

I would eat the whole block of cheese, too. Great tips. Thanks!