All work and no play makes chris a dull girl....

Back from my self imposed vacation...
I went to barnes and nobles, then to the mall.
I didn't used to go to the mall because it involved a lot of walking...alot of skinny girls looking at clothes I couldn't fit in....
For me it was lane bryant or cj. banks.

Last night I went into a store called 'vanity'.
I actually had to talk myself into going into the store, there was a lot of chain link and strange lighting involved. lol.
They had halter dresses with sequins all over them.
They had shoulderless shirts with arms still attached...like holes over the shoulders
(point being in case you need to air out your shoulders????)
I could actually fit into some...
If I had wanted to...
Which I don't.
I think fashion wise I am somewhere between vanity and cj. banks.
I think I am more of a liz claiborne/ victoria secret beachware type person.
I just kind of wandered around looking at stuff..
I must have wandered for two hours or so.
I did see a great pair of shoes that I didn't buy because 79 dollars for a pair of shoes just wouldn't go over well in my house.
However, If I ever have some money lying around I would totally buy...

These shoes...Ed hardy with a metal heel...how cool is that.
It's my personality, in a shoe.
I'm even a pisces.
Then I spent some time in Dillards at the mac counter.
Ever since I started trying to figure out how to 'do' my makeup...I have been watching youtube videos.
In every video...or therebouts. The person always pulls a mac item out of their bag and says "This is awesome....I always use it."
Whatever IT is...
eye makeup...such as shadow, or eyeliner or mascara...
Each one will tell you ....
you can get everything else at the store but you must get ________ from Mac.
(And it's whatever part of their face they really like to emphasize)
So, I went to the source.
I told the lady that I need a foundation and I have no idea what kind.
The little korean ladies told me I needed Ivory.
The crazy chic who wanted to make me look exotic last year at the lancombe counter got me medium beige.
So the lady actually tries three different shades On My face...*gasp.
One blended into my skin perfectly...
It's NW30.
She put it on and blended it in...it didn't look caked on...it was very light.
It made me look poreless...
Any gal over 30 knows what a blessing that is.
I love this foundation.
I'll go back next month for the blush.
It will take me a while, but I'll get there.
I love love love their makeup.
I found a romance novel that didn't involve bats or werewolves...
no bestiality was a blessing...
So, that made me happy.
I had a nice night out.
Now onto tonight.
I did an hour on the elliptical..plus 7 minutes on another machine waiting for my machine for a total burn of 780 calories.
I did 200 situps.
I did 36 'fly' thingies on a weight machine
36 lower back exercises and 36 lat pulls.
I had a really good workout and my calories are in under 1500.
I hope you all had a really good day.
Hugs to you,


Tony said...

Those shoes look fabulous! I totally don't understand female fashion, as shocking as that sounds, so all of that jargon went over my head lol. Don't really understand makeup either, for obvious reasons.

Kim said...

I'm with you. I'm having my self imposed mini vacation tomorrow...well, hubby told me he wants me to as well. I've really had it hard lately. So, he's letting me go shopping!!-without kids. I'm getting my hair done too and you just don't know how wonderful that is b/c I haven't had a haircut in 1yr. and a half. lol...then new shoes. Your post makes me excited about getting out. Thanks for all you said over on my blog and I'm going to reply to it over there so check back in a little while. :)

Christine Jeske said...

Yay! I have converted you to my evil ways. Tnx for your support. ♥

That's funny, I have looked at youtube make up videos too. I honestly feel like an awkward 13 yr old whenever I open my makeup bag. I am going to look into this brand you keep going on about.

Jenn said...

Those shoes are pretty fierce! Gotta love a metal heel! I love Mac too. You either love it or hate it. (It causes some people to break out.) It's the only product to make me feel like I have flawless skin and that's worth whatever they want to charge me!

I used to think that I hated shopping because nothing cute fit. Now that cute things fit, I find that I'm still a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl! (Still an upgrade from hubby's t-shirt and sweats though! My own sweats, not his. :D)

Linda Pressman said...

I love the idea of having no pores! But every time I'm near the Mac counter I get intimidated by all the Goth-looking clerks. I just have this innate feeling that I don't belong there. I'm not hip enough. So off I schlep to Clinique, Estee and Lancome...

K. said...

Great job! Sounds like a wonderful day to me. Especially the work out part. And those shoes are hot!K.
my blog: www.it-is-time.com

MizFit said...

love the shoes but for this clumsy woman Id need the pattern on flip flops :)
ADORE THE B&N (if I could have a career of merely hiding away and reading Id take it. Im a totally bookworm).

MargieAnne said...

Love those shoes.

You are doing good. *smile*

Helen said...

Wait until you get into the makeup thing. Then go to a Sephora. Heaven on earth.

Sounds like you had a fabulous day and now you're making me feel like I need a day just like yours!

Laura said...

"I found a romance novel that didn't involve bats or werewolves...
no bestiality was a blessing..." <--- Totally made my morning! Thanks for the support on my blog yesterday :)

Seth said...

sometimes those types of days are needed. The awesome thing is that you still managed to get a workout in. that's great.

workout looks pretty hardcore too.

LAF said...

I'm knew to your blog and have really enjoyed reading about your journey.
So glad you found the right make-up, it makes such a difference.
If you haven't been to www.makeupgeek.com yet, I recommend it. Her looks are pretty, a little over the top sometimes, but the tutorials are great and can always be modified for your own taste.

Anne H said...

I'm with Tony - the shoes, the make-up....it all went over my head!
I thought when you said "Mac" that you meant Mac/computer!
*silly me*

Robin said...

What an awesome day. It's great to find clothes that you could wear, but don't WANT to...lol. And those shoes were knock outs. It made me think SEX IN THE CITY. You would know what I am talking about BUT YOU DON'T WATCH TELEVISION!!!! LOL. YOU TOTALLY CRACK ME UP. Anyway, glad you found your make-up, romance book, and exercise (and not necessarily in that order). Keep rockin' it girl.

Shae said...

Your shopping trip sounded wonderful. I haven't been shopping in so long. I also love Mac. I am a bookworm...so, I would have probably spent the whole night in the bookstore. Great workout!

Putz said...

so you havfe traded your sandwich{meteforeically speaking} for clothes?????????? better man than me{imagineally speaking}really you are to be admired{seriouslly specaking}

Retta said...

Ha ha ha .... I'm with Anne H... I was thinking... how come she's going into a Mac computer department for makeup???

Guess I need to get out more, and see what the "latest" is. ;-)


steph said...

1 - i ADORE mac makeup - i don't wear much, but when i do, that's what i buy. i LOVE IT. their concealer is top-drawer.
2 - i escape to B&N too. i LOVE IT.
3 - i want to commend you on your hard work. you're inspiring me. well, well, WELL done.

Steph, a new follower. :)

Katie J ♥ said...

I recently bought some eye shadow. I hadn't worn shadow in probably 20years. Well the print was so small on the package that I had to put my glasses on to read it and then take them off to apply it and then put my glasses back on to read the instructions again and off again to apply it. It was a comedy of errors let me tell you :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Very nice shoes. I can't wear a heel at all, but they sure look nice.

Enjoy your new book...after all that working out you deserve so down time.


Tricia said...

great shoes and your latest pic is hot lady :)

Ali said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying it! I'm your neighbor to the east in Nebraska. You live in one of my most favorite parts of the country.

I've never seen shoes quite like those Ed Hardy ones, but I think I like them!

I wonder if each Dillard's sells different makeup because I am almost certain ours doesn't sell MAC stuff. Heard good things though!

Will be starting at the beginning of your blog and working my way current.

deisegal said...

"no bestiality was a blessing" Words to live by LOL.

I am not really into "fashion" but it is definitely nice to have more options. When I was a teenager I was pretty limited in what I could wear in terms of shapes and sizes. Of course "back then" teenagers really didn't have as much money as these days. Sound like a right old fart there but definitely true.

Great that you got some good makeup. I don't really do expensive make up but I must admit in the last few months I've started putting make up on most days before going out. Not like a clown face or anything but just covering up a few things here and there. I find it very therapeutic - when I'm not in a rush that is, then it's just another pain in the backside thing to do ;)