Barefoot running....

Hey all,
I went to the gym after girl scouts tonight.
I got there around 7:30, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then thought I would do a three mile walk on the track.
I did two miles and got bored out of my skull.
On the last two rounds of my walk, I remembered that guy I saw barefoot running a month or two ago.
It was dark and about 62 degrees.
It was beautiful.
So I took off my shoes and socks and started jogging.
I did four turns around the track on the grass.
I didn't get any foot or leg pain.
I didn't get out of breath..
and at the end I sped up...I was hauling.
I felt awesome after I was finished.
I may start doing this once or twice a week...
I liked it.
Ten times better than I like padding down a sidewalk..
better than my long *ss walk.
I felt very free.
Have a good night all.


Tony said...

We live in way too conservative of a society for barefoot running to become a daily practice. Maybe I'll give this a try and unleash my inner caveman sometime in the near future.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

You're making me want to go barefoot running on the wet sand. :)

Helen said...

Sounds like there's a budding trail runner in you Chris.

Seth said...

uh-oh. I've heard that is addicting! I haven't tried it, but not sure I want to to be honest.

We did it as kids - why not now?
hmmm..something to think about.

Unknown said...

I've recently seen two men running barefoot down the path along our river - one was running on the pavement, one was running on the grass. Since seeing the first guy a couple of months ago, I became friends with a lady in DailyMile that also lives in my city. She is a big fan of Vibrams - basically shoes for running barefoot (I've posted on them). So I bought them because as a child I was always running around barefoot and absolutely loved it. Since I'm heavier and a bigger wimp, I want to protect my feet so I invested in the vibrams. I have yet to try them because I am currently having feet issues, but once they have healed and are stronger, I am so going to go running in them. I'll be trying them out next week in Maz on the beaches. And getting a LOT of funny looks to boot.
I'm pretty sure that most of the reason I have feet issues right now is because my shoes have made my feet weak and lazy. Barefoot is how we were made to run/walk.
Good for you for trying it out - what a feeling of freedom you must have felt!

J Rodney said...

Now, if you had added a beach to the barefoot running it would be my cup of tea.

It sounds like you are doing great on your journey.

I am a new health/get fit blogger, but it seems that it has been a process ever since my mom's death three years ago. Somehow it is very easy to get caught up in life, and stop being conscious of what is actually going on.

I love the title of your blog.

The Fit & Frugal Challenge

Jess said...

Sandra, you'll have to ease into your Vibrams. Be prepared for blisters. There's apparently socks that you can invest in that prevent VFF blisters, but I don't have the dough for that.

Chris, I barefoot and minimalist run. I barefoot outside because it trains my foot muscles. I wear VFFs because, well, it provides some comfort for outside as well. I spend most of my days barefoot now. It's a great feeling. I now lift in my VFF and the balance is phenomenal. I finally got on the bosu a few days ago and in a few tries, I was steady. It really helps work your natural stabilizers.

Don't rush into it too quickly. Listen to your body and feet. You'll feel as if your calves are really sore (especially for long distances) and I think I stressed my IT band with my 5 miler the other day so I'm still recovering, but welcome to the joys/world of barefoot running!

bbubblyb said...

Sounds fun Chris, glad you loved it. I've never done it either but maybe some day.

M Pax said...

We have too much lava here and not enough grass for that sort of thing. Sounds free. :D

Sheilagh said...

there is something on my blog for you xx

Anonymous said...

I love being barefoot. In fact, I wouldn't wear shoes except when it was cold if I didn't have to. (Okay, no Kentucky jokes here :-) )

Tammy said...

No Georgia jokes either...I go barefoot every day, lol. Well in my house, I mean...not when I go in public...anymore. I used to go the grocery store barefoot all the time. I think I'm the reason they started putting up signs about having to wear shirts and shoes and stuff. Party poopers!! lol

I think I'll do a little barefoot running on the beach this week....leave Dwayne in the dust. That sounds like fun. :) Of course, now I'm trying to picture myself doing this at the park in the grass around the track. I see myself stepping on a pebble or giant acorn and breaking a leg or ankle or something, lol. I'm not known for my grace. :)

Boozy Tooth said...

You GO barefoot mama!

Wish I had the knees and I'd join ya around the grassy track.