Day 13 ...almost half done with the first month...almost...

Long title...huh.
It's good to remind myself that nothing lasts forever,not even self imposed boot camp.
I am going to keep this one short tonight...cause I have a few things to do...
Namely start writing my 100 lbs. lost post...I was about 163.5 this morning, maybe a bit less....
Once I hit162  I'll be blogging it here...
I will also be doing a guest post at Miz Fit's fabulous blog about losing 100 lbs.
I thought it may have been an accident...thought perhaps she thought she was on Jacks blog, or sean's blog or sue's blog....
But nope, she was on mine and she knew that, and the invite was legitimate and not some cruel hoax, so I am never one to turn down a big opportunity for self promotion honor.

Any ways,
I didn't tell you all this but about a month ago my husband decided he was getting 'fat'.
He has gained some weight in  the last year or so and wanted to get it off....
The biggest moment of unreality...him looking at me and asking
 "Do I look fat to you?"
I think I posted once about asking that question and getting awkward silence...
Well, instead of awkward silence I said "Do YOU look fat to you?"
He said "Yes."
I said, "Well, then that's what counts."
He's lost around 8 lbs and he went to the gym with me today.
I did my elliptical, he went to the pool to swim.
Then he came back and watched me do my situps and my lifting...(same as before.)
It's kind of distracting having someone with you.
I can usually just focus.
But it's only once a week, so no biggie.
I don't think I am much for 'workout partners'.
It's almost like you have to worry about how much time your taking...I don't like that.
I just want to be in there and focused.
So, It's a good thing to know in the future.
Of course, If I am a personal trainer I am not training me, I am training others.
I guess I would have to get my workout in prior.
Then I could focus on the person.
I am good at focusing.
focusfocusfocus...sounds funny if you say it over and over again..
okay, I'm a little punch drunk...tired today.
Calories 1480.
very good.
going to start on that 100 lb post.
Hope everyone is having a great night.
Take care.


paulawannacracker said...

Yay!!! I'm the first comment. That's a first. Can I just say I am not surprised MzFit asked you to do a guest post. 100 pounds is freakin amazing and you've been pretty darn consistent and personally, when Chris comments, I listen.

I think its great your husband went with you to the gym. I kinda know what you mean about being distracted with someone watching. But I think its a great thing that he went.

I'm really looking forward to reading your special post. I've gotta admit counting calories is awesome!!! Love the bodybugg and I know how many calories in, how many calories burned and its so excited to see a deficit.

Now get writing that post. We are waiting...

Linda Pressman said...

That must have been a very funny moment indeed, when the tables were flipped and it was your husband asking about his weight! My husband who's very thin considers it a problem when he puts on 4 lbs or so. It's very annoying being married to a skinny person, especially because I outweighed him for the first 7 or 8 years of our marriage!

Miz said...

Im not surprised about mizfit either :)

and that husband conversation? Id blog about my similar but i always fear that TODAY will be the day mine decides to drop by miz...

Anonymous said...

100 pounds. 100 pounds! 100 POUNDS! I am so excited for you. And can't wait to read you at MizFit's place. AND, because of you I am thinking about incorporating the elliptical into my cardio craziness. I already think of you every time I'm on the treadmill row which is right behind the elliptical row. I'm just nervous about looking like a boob the first time I get on one.

South Beach Steve said...

Good job on the boot camp thus far!

You and Mizfit have a similar writing style, so you will resonate with her audience. Grats on the opportunity!

Helen said...

You deserve every opportunity for self promotion you can get. In fact, if I ever reach 100 followers, I'm coming after you too :-)

Love the question back to the hubby. What a great and loving way to handle that.

Hollie said...

I love that you are CLAIMING that 100 lbs lost NOW! There's not a doubt in your mind (or mine) that you will be there SOON! I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!

You are an amazing inspiration.

Seth said...

I am not a workout partner at all. It's going to take everything in me to do be a workout partner through the duration of my challenge...oh boy.

keep it up. I'm ready to read that 100 lb post.

LAF said...

Your success is such an inspiration!
I think to myself, "If this cool gal can do it, then so can I!"
Make it work!

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you! 100 pounds gone for good! What a major accomplishment! Way to go! I'll do my happy dance for you when you make it!

Putz said...

SO WHERE CAN you find that missing 100 pounds?????????????????????????????????????????????????is it downstairs in the basement?????

M Pax said...

Woot woot! I'm proud of ya! Way to go.

Tara said...

I am so honored to be here to read that 100 pound post!

Annalisa@Gracie'sGarden said...

"Do YOU look fat to you" - I LOVE that. That sentence is so very insightful, inspirational, and incredibly wise. It's no wonder you've been asked to do a guest post! You, my dear, have been on a journey that most people only dream about, and you've come out with wisdom to share. That's more than I'll be able to say. I mean, I'm working on it. But you've done it. Wear that with honour. CONGRATULATIONS @)-->----