Winning the war...

I was going to title this post winning the battle...but really...
We aren't trying to win one skirmish..we are trying to win the whole thing...
The whole kit and kaboodle.
This is for life.
Like ww2.
In September 1944 we got a little ahead of ourselves and deposited some airborne troops in the netherlands to sieze bridges for the coming invasion of american and british troops.
We thought this part of netherland wasn't heavily defended.
We were wrong.
One division held arnhem bridge for 4 days against overwhelming odds...at the end, they were surrounded on all sides by germans and 2/3rds of their division were killed or captured and the rest had retreated to a small pocket to await rescue.
To get to these troops who were trapped behind enemy lines The 82nd airborne had to capture the nijmegen bridge down the road....there was only one way to  do this...
Boats ordered by the 82nd Airborne the day before failed to arrive until afternoon and a hasty daylight assault crossing was ordered. At about 15:00 the 3rd Battalion, 504th PIR accompanied by sappers from 615 Field Squadron and 11th Field Company Royal Engineers (who made five crossings) made the crossing in 26 canvas assault boats into well-defended positions. The American unit had no training on the British-made boats. A shortage of paddles required some troopers to paddle the craft with rifle butts. About half the boats survived the crossing under heavy fire, eleven survived the first two crossings. The surviving Paras then assaulted across 200 meters (218 yards) of open ground on the far bank and seized the north end of the bridge. German forces withdrew from both ends of the bridge which was then rushed by Guards tanks and the 2nd Battalion, 505th PIR, securing the bridge at 19:10, D+3. The costly attack was nicknamed "Little Omaha" in reference to Omaha Beach"

Eventually, the 1rst airborne division was reached....they had lost the battle for arnhem bridge...but the american and british armies had solidified their position at nijmegen. Later this route was used for the final push into germany that ended the war.

What IS my point.
I was just noticing that at no point during the crossing of the river did anyone say "well, that does it..all we have are rifle  butts."
Nor did the soldiers who were holding the line at arnhem say "Well, screw this...there aren't any reinforcements...who is for mcdonald's?"

Sometimes weight loss isn't easy. Or convenient....but, I am almost positive it's a good deal less difficult then watching half your buddies get eviscerated while holding some pissant bridge in the netherlands while waiting four days for reinforcements to arrive with little to no food and water. (talk about weight loss)

Drop the excuses.
The dishes can wait an hour or two till your done exercising.  The kids won't miss you if you take a day or two a month to attend a support group. Nobody will die if you make fish and some salad for dinner.

You know what.
I have never attended a weight watchers meeting.
I still lost weight.
By walking daily and eating less food.
If all you have are excuses...
then you should ask yourself why.
For years I had excuses.
I don't know what I should eat (I don't know how to operate this boat)
I don't have a gym membership (I don't have a paddle)
My whole family is rebelling against eating healthier (the whole german army is pouring artillery fired down on our heads)
I don't have any support (we have been outflanked by the german army and where in the h*ll are our reinforcements!)

Sometimes you have to go all in...
let go of your excuses and go balls to the walls...hell bent for leather..
(insert another euphamism here)
You do what you have to.
No gym membership...walk.
No support....that's tough, but it doesn't change reality.
No way to buy tasty food...oh well it doesn't have to be tasty to work.
Trust me, I live on my cooking...lol.
If you want it bad enough, you will find a way.
But you have to want it.
Not want to want it.
 I never wanted it bad enough before.

That is why I failed.
I didn't believe I could...and I wanted food and the comfort of not thinking about it more than I wanted change.
I didn't want to let go of the life I had crafted to grab on to a new life.
That is what you have to do, to lose massive amounts of weight.
You have to be prepared to change how you live.

To win the war, you have to go all in.
Let go of how you used to be and grab hold WHO YOU CAN BE.
Do what you must...
No trying,
Just Doing.

I won't say why I wrote this...just a little something that has been bugging me lately.
But I feel better to have gotten it off my chest.
I truly believe this.
These are some of the thoughts I think daily.
This is what helps me get through the bad days.
Hugs to  you all.
Keep on rowing...even if it's with a rifle butt.

Chris out.


Seth said...

you didn't believe that you could. that was key.

As a teacher, I run into kids that say that they just can't get it. I show them that I believe in them and reinforce the idea that they can. In turn, they believe in themselves and do the work.

When we believe that we can do something legitimate - we can.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Wow, I could not agree more. Excuses are just that, excuses, and I am soooo tired of hearing them. There is always a way IF you want something bad enough (and I think if you want them for the right reasons). But, I have to disagree with one little thing you said. You may not have support at home, BUT you do have support here in blogland... which I'm finding means every bit as much as the support I get (or don't get) at home. Thank you for writing this... its so true & I think a lot of people need to hear it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Probably might want to hold off on the gloating for another year or two. I know that sounds mean, cause you are proud of your efforts and you should be. But there are lots of folks out here who tried eating less and walking and it got them about a 1 lb weight loss per month. I'm one of em. Grrr. Different bodies react differently. Also some people are not as privileged. In other words, when you subtly suggest that you did this great thing, therefore others can to, and if they can't then they're making excuses...well, just wait until your body fat is all gone and your hunger then returns full force and you are scrambling for a brand new battle plan. I promise, you'll wish it would have stayed as easy as it is now. You might even reach for a reason *excuse* to explain what happened.

Retta said...

ahhh... gimmee a break, Anonymous. I feel like crap, so not in the mood to mince words.

You must be a new reader to Chris. She STARTED just eating less and walking. And then escalated as able. She NEVER claim it was easy. (where did you get that??)

She's worked her butt off... made choices... to live.

You are so full of excuses, that unfortunately you are blind to them.

Nope, we don't all lose the same... I'm a 59 year old disabled fat ol' female... but I refuse to allow excuses. I'm losing ridiculously slowly... but I would never be anything but happy for someone like Chris who "gets it" this young, before she did permanent damage to her body.

Don't buy into the victim-oh-poor-me mentality. Chris is willing to whatever it takes. And I think she still would even if she joined the Snail Club.

You can do this, too, if you changed your attitude. And I mean do it permanently.

Please know I edited my thoughts, not wanting to blast you... well, at least not too much.

One-Paw Loretta

Christine said...

Thanks loretta, I had a feeling that I would get one or two of these.
Actually, my hunger is much worse...your hunger actually increases about 6 months after you begin losing weight until one year out.
I know what anonymous means. I have only been going for 11 months.
I will have more heft under my words when I have a year or two under my belt.
But in a year when I get tempted...I'll remember anonymous and refrain. So thank you anonymouse.

Amber said...

Great post!
Of course there always has to be one or two who have to voice their opinions with out any history behind them.

Oh well, you know you've done an awsome job and you know it is a nver ending journey! It is a life change not a diet and excersise routine.

If anonymous lost a pound or two a month well hey thats a pound or two a month. In a year that could be up to 24 pounds. Sounds to me like they really didn't want it.

I got my rifle butt and I'm a rowing my butt off. I lost my ors about 4 weeks ago so here I go using what I can.

See ya Chris

Kim said...

Nope nope...please don't refrain. Don't let one person ruin it for the rest of us. LOL!! I NEED this, although...you gotta promise me something Chris; If it's ever me, ya gotta tell me, b/c sometimes I'm oblivious to my own stupidity and that's why I live here in bloggy land for the accountability and support. :) Oh, and I have no doubt...NO doubt that you will still be kickin' ass 10 years from now. When someone is really doing "it", it's not just the amount of time it took them to do it....it's the attitude, determination, and the ability to admit mistakes, get back up and do "it" again over and over. So, here's to your 11 months (and growing) of kickin' ass!!
Oh, btw, started laughing when you said, "(insert another euphamism here)". I don't know why this made me laugh so hard, but it did...maybe it's because of the euphanisms you used in the line beforehand. LOL!
Yeah, anonymous you need to read Chris for a while before judging. She's writing these words to help enforce what she's doing and she's a mama hen who likes to help others...and does a friggin good job, so lighten up...seriously.

Christine said...

That is what I love about the peeps on my blogroll...they row with what's handy....
Amber especially...loretta, kim, seth with a broken ankle. julie and her treadmill, stairmaster and every other frickin machine in the gym...lol.

Christine Jeske said...

If you don't try then you have already failed. And I know it took me years to build up the courage to full on give it an honest and respectful try! There's no turning back now ::pulls out rifle butt and starts paddling HARD::

Kim said...

Hey, I replied to your comment over on my blog...come look when you have the chance. And yes, rowing with whatever's handy..uh wait...can I fit in a boat yet? Ehh, I'll get there. LOL! :oP

Anne H said...

Everyone of us who loses the weight - we know the hard part is just now beginning...a lifetime of maintenance. Lots of people don't lose it to start with.
Statistically, many many gain it back.
Every day it starts over again.
So I hear both sides...at any rate, good job, Chris!

Sean Anderson said...

Anonymous either has medical issues that prevent them from losing or has a real problem with one of the most important elements of this journey---and that's self-honesty. I wouldn't normally comment like that about anyone---but that comment just infuriated me.
I've heard that kind of thing from people before---I can read between the lines---chances are good, their commitment level isn't where it needs to be for success.

You touched on a very hot subject---and it's so true...you HAVE TO DROP EVERY EXCUSE along this road. Some people just can't let them go, and they fail...or their results make them feel like a failure. Until they let go of the excuses and blame---and get super honest with themselves---they'll struggle forever.
Every excuse I ever let stop me before---still exist, and has throughout this journey---if I choose to use them. But I haven't and will not.
This journey is 80% mental and 20% food and exercise---that's my opinion---and really---any means to lose weight can work---but if the mental aspects are ignored---it will be temporary---and in some cases---it'll never happen in the first place.

Chris---we're on the same wavelength my friend. You got this so good---and combined with your brilliant writing style...it makes for a must read for me all the time.

Thank you

Manon~ said...

I likes a woman (even a man sometimes) what gets honest and says it how it is - you just keep putting it out there.


Syl said...

this is the exact reason why you have been successful and continue to be successful. I have no doubts in my mind that you are going to make it all the way Chris.

Excuses are easy, putting in the work is not but the rewards are priceless!

Heather Coyle said...

Great post! I'm the Queen of Excuses and really needed my butt kicked today! Well done!

Helen said...

Anonymous, she NEVER said your battle is the same as hers! But the war is. We're all fighting different battles.

I'm a slow loser like Loretta and I happen to be rowing with Synthroid but I won't let it be an excuse. I don't care if it takes me forever dammit, I refuse to lose my battle.

Karla said...

there ia a blog I read quite regularly, and this women in morbidly obese, and the reason I read it is because she has no solutions only excuses, and it reminds me to get off my butt and get it done.... Chris gloat away!!!! and Anonymous, just may be the blogger I always read...

You have to want it!! enough to make changes, small, tiny, itsy bitsy to start but changes none the less.

Congrats Chris :)

Robin said...

One of the things I like most is the way you use allegory. You always paint a story. The story is often the same in the elements. You just keep telling it in different ways so that the person who wasn't getting it before might say, "OH, now I understand. Rifle butt = paddle, just like climbing real steps = stairstepper at the gym. So, even though I can't afford a gym membership I can run up and down real, live steps. I get it now." You keep it real and people keep reading. Thumbs up.

Putz said...

wow, a history war expert, i nefer knew chris, i had no idea>>>i once did a post on holland 1944, where i described the holland resistance against the germans, and you have hit it right on>>>i might lose some weight if i keep up this corespondance much longer, i had no idea i would have stayed with you this long without being serious about weight reduction>>>who would have figured, all i know you have been kind of a teacher to me>>>where do i send my check??????????????

MargieAnne said...

What a stir-up *smile*

Many battles, one war and vigilance lest you have to fight again. Wonderful analogy.

If we're not ready to fight with the kind of determination Chris shows we're not really trying.

Some of us, like me still give in to the slippery slope from time to time, so lets be honest about it. And if we work and work at it eventually the war is won.

It's up to us how long the war takes .... even with medical issues some of which are a huge hindrance, we can win. Nothing is impossible if we are determined.

No excuses. That's truth.

C.G. the Foodie said...

I found your blog via Robin (posted above) and I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

Chris, this post made me cry.

Some days I feel like I'm rowing with a popsicle stick and some days like I've got a outboard motor attached to my little boat.

Even with that damn popsicle stick I'm moving forward. I'll take it!


paulawannacracker said...

Most excellent post Chris. What does Yoda tell us? Try? There is no try... either do or do not.

I come here when I'm feeling defeated. I've seen your before pictures. I see your consistency and determination. I believe you when you say you need to BELIEVE that you can lose weight. For me, I'm not quite there yet. I have these pockets of doubt but I'm never throwing in the towel. I love the process of losing weight. Feels good to be kind to your body. Until I can believe, I'll continue on this path because its good for my body and what's more--good for my soul.

Great post Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. There was an Anonymous on another blog (No more drama) who stirred up a firestorm today. I wonder if it could be the same one. Different attack, totally opposite as a matter of fact, but same mean-spirit in the guise of trying to help.

(S/he basically said the blogger was binging because she wanted an effortless journey and was making excuses instead of working for it.) One wonders.

Anyway, as I read your post I was nodding away. I have a post of my own brewing that I haven't been able to post that addresses the issue of not quiting.

Since this is your blog, I'll let my take on that wait--but your post hit home for me. The bottom line is deciding TO GET THE THING DONE--NO MATTER WHAT! That's the key.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Chris, thanks for another tell-it-like-it-is post. I know there are days when I feel like, "poor me, this is so hard." Well big whoop. It's hard for all of us, and we all have to do what it takes to make things work for us. Anyhow, thanks for the reminder - I'll be thinking of this post when I'm on the treadmill at the gym even though I don't want to go because...well, that's what it takes.

Hanlie said...

This is a great post, Chris! I really love that analogy and know that I have been very guilty of the kind of excuses you list here. Thanks for holding up the light of truth!