A day of rest...finally.

Hey guys,
I managed to get a day of rest.
I took my kids to the park and we took a little nature hike.
We saw a red winged black bird, turtles and geese.
We also saw two butterflies and the nests of some barnswallows.
Then we drove to a near-bye playground and let my littlest one play on the swings and slides..
We also fed the geese in the pond some bread.
It was a beautiful day.
In the mid 60's.
We ate at subway. It was nice spending time with just my girls.
I decided that we should do fun, outdoorsy and active things every saturday.
Last weekend I took sophie to the park and Kate went to a party.
The Saturday before that we went bowling.
I think next time we'll try some roller skating.
I want my kids to equate physical activity with fun.
I want them to simply make it a part of their lives.
Well, I am going to head to bed shortly cause I.Am.Tired.
Hope you all are having a great night.
Will swing by a few blogs...


x said...

good for you showing your kids how to be active and social also !!!!

Ali said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL day! It also sounds like SPRING! Could it really be here, finally?
That also sounds like a really good plan to have things to do that are fun for your kids. I need to do this more.

jo said...

Chris, thank you so much for the nice comments you always leave for me. I can always count on you to cheer me up...and make me think...and to enjoy reading what you have to say on your blog.

I love your comment about physical activity/fun for kids. DH and DS got snow boards this winter and had a lot of fun playing...yet it was very physical. DS is working out now, but we need to work more at getting out and about and active.

Have a great Sunday.

Retta said...

What a gift you are giving to your children! And a great approach. Instead of "preaching" to them about it, or nagging or pestering... you are linking it to FUN. And it's a win-win for you and them. :-D

Linda Pressman said...

Also, you're making quite an impression with the fitness routines you've been engaging in, and showing your daughters that people can change. You don't have to be locked in a pattern of unhappiness for life. You're a great role model.

deisegal said...

Being out in the fresh air definitely knocks the stuffing out of ya, but in a good way! I need to start getting outside more. I've been using the "it's dark, cold and wet" excuse for months becuase it was but now the days are longer and the weather is improving so no more excuses. Though having said that the weather is so strange it will probably snow in a week's time.

Sounds like a lovely day and I'll bet your girls just loved it :)

South Beach Steve said...

It sounds like a great day Chris!

Anne H said...

When I'm out driving at work, and I get some bread, I always take it to the local ducks - and/or geese!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really nice day with your girls. Have a great Sunday!

Robin said...

Hey Chris,
I got your responses to If I Were... that was pretty cool:-) I also found your Where I Began. It took me a while. Some days are tougher than others! I didn't know that you could do that... however you did that. Pretty cool You are very savvy on here. Anyway, mom is out of town until Tuesday, but I will make sure she reads it:-)

Shae said...

Sounds like a really nice day. I love Saturdays!

Putz said...

i have decided to start a blog that concentrates on sleep and eating, with a head under a pillow>>>>honest i am toying with the idea of a new blog and rest seems to be as important to me as losing tons and tons>>>.well you know my mind by now chris

Sean Anderson said...

Very nice...you're making a huge difference in their lives...That's so awesome. Love it!!!

Seth said...

it's awesome that you are instilling the activity in them when they are young. there are too many kids that don't know how to act outside...

they are trying to be like those vampires you talked about in another post.