2lbs and The three inch gap......

I weighed myself yesterday and I realized that I only have two more pounds till I hit one hundred pounds lost.
My weight yesterday was 164.
I am psyched.
I added a page on my blog called 'Where I began".
This is for newer people who haven't really been here since the get go.
It's where I started, and what I did when starting and kind of my whole
Also known as "Crap that worked for me."

So, 2 pounds....I should be there in the next ten days.
Or at my 11 month anniversary.
I had a great day food wise...and a great day exercise wise.
I went to the gym...I did one hour on the elliptical and burned 718 calories..traveled 5.4 miles.
I did 210 situps and then I did my 36 flys, my 36 lower back press and my 36 lat pull downs.
Then I found a tricep machine and did 36 of those...(in each case 3 sets of 12)
Then I came home and walked the dog.
for one mile.
So I probably burned somewhere around 850 calories and consumed around 1500 and so my deficit should be in around 990 calories.

I am also thiiiiiiis close to slipping those pair of size 10 goal pants on, and zipping them.
I pulled them up over my rear and now I just need to close a three inch gap in the waist to button and zip them.
When I bought those things I couldn't pull them over my lower thighs.
The last time I was in a size 10, or this low weight wise?
Germany...1996 or so?
14 years.
That's a long time.
I got down to 156 lbs. I was wearing a size 10 then.
And THAT was the lowest I had been since I got married.
When I got married I was 138 lbs and a size 8.
My lowest adult weight.
My goal weight.
132 lbs.
Because I don't need imagination to pick a goal weight.
I knew I had room for improvement even at my lowest adult weight.
I am capable of that weight, I have an image in my head of what I am going for...
I know I can achieve it.
I have lost one hundred pounds.
Through hard work and consistency I can achieve anything.
I am also starting to see where I would like to go with this in the future, but don't really want to talk about it now.
Not till I have it sorted through in my mind and know my exact direction.
Hope you all are doing really well.
I hope you all had a great day and are feeling GLORIOUS.
I am.
Your on fire dogged blogger,


Anonymous said...

One hundred pounds in 11 months! Totally awesome. Congratulations!

Putz said...

hey hey hey, i am so excited for yu, i think i have finallly caught the vision of where you are going>>>>you are going to star in a movie or something, aren't you?????????

Alexia said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I hope you've starting writing your 100s list. And hey, how do you burn that many calories on the elliptical? I burn a bit over 400 in 1 hour. Are you super fast or something?

Christine said...

lol, no Mr. Putz....I am not going to star in a movie....but I do want to do something with what I have accomplished...and I think a blog about sleep would be a fab idea.

Amber said...

Great job Chris!
You looked much thinner today! Even yesterday's outfit, which looked great, didn't show how little you are now!
Glad this is going so well for you! (even when I give you "those" dirty looks) ;) lol

you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I just read your "Where I Began" page. Thank you for that!

It made me feel good about my own plan since it is very similar to yours. And now I can quit feeling guilty about my higher cal days. :D Love that.

I've been stuck at 190 since January, tho. Several people have said that I may need to increase my calorie limit.

I did not believe them. I didn't.

But my daily average has been 1250 calories a day. Yesterday, I had just under 1000. Today was 1258.

I dunno. Maybe I should boost it up a bit. I have to think on that.

Thanks again, Chris. You've given me a living example of what works--and something to think about.


Oh, how cool is this! My word verification is: "blessu." :D Bless you, indeed. :D

Alexia said...

Aha! Thanks!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

So happy for you! You're just amazing! :)

kellidee said...

Wow...you are on fire..100 pounds is so awesome..congrats so much..I know I can do this too..if I can get through a day like I had ..I can get through anything..you are awesome..I loveya.kelli

Sean Anderson said...

Very nice. You Chris, are completely rocking this thing!

That page was a great idea...hmmm...I need one of those!
I think I understand what you mean about unspoken plans---You can do anything Chris. dream big my friend, because you really can.

I always enjoy your writing style...I love it.

My best always

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, I love your new page and I love that you put in that you asked God for help. It's amazing what can happen when we ask for help.

Miz said...

thats freakin amazing.
and you know me :) Id always love a guest post about it as well.


CCR said...

You are absolutely inspiring. Thank you so much for doing this, not just for yourself, but for those of us nearer the start of our journeys.

Helen said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see a picture of you and those Size 10's zipped and buttoned!!

Curvy Jones said...

That is freaking exciting!!

Seth said...

can we start a new slogan? Here's my idea -

"What would Chris do?"


"What would the Badger Do?

A lot of people look up to you! Why? Because you are real, honest, and a crazy hard-worker!

I'm curious as to your future talk?! Future of this blog? Future career decision? What!?

keep up all of your hard work.

You deserve that 100 pounds.

Morgan said...

Amazing, Chris. You are so determined and nothing can stop you. Wish you could bottle a bit of that and sell it to me!

bbubblyb said...

Wow Chris super cool you're almost to that 100 gone forever!!!! Your posts are always so motivational to me, makes me want to run out to the gym lol.

Kim said...

So, what are you going to do?? I'm so curious now. I'm glad you're doing so well...it shows. I love your new page btw. :)

Vagabonds Mercantile said...

WOW , I just can't wait to see you hit the magic 100! So proud of you

M Pax said...

Woot wooot!! You are so close. It is so wonderful to see you succeeding and discovering yourself and your life along the way. Yaaay.

Tammy said...

Wow....almost to the 100 lbs lost mark...awesome! Your workouts sound excruciating, lol...I absolutely LOATHE that damn elliptical....I only use it for my 10 min warm-up before strength training, lol.

Christy said...

wow! good for you! you are an inspiration!

crunchyveganwifelife said...

This is so excellent! I am so happy for you! I need to still lose about 70 lbs!! I am taking it day by day...I am proud of your success!

Melissa said...

woo hoo!! I am so proud of you!!!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Yahoo for 100 pounds and size 10 jeans...or yahoo for the almosts, anyway! Keep it up - I'm with you in feeling glorious today. :)

Putz said...

well chir, my hero, i have done a post with you in it, yep, you>>>>go over and read my post on SLLEP, I MEAN SLEEP