Now for something a little lighter...

done digging for now.
It's hard looking at stuff like that..and it's stuff that takes a while to dig through.
MONTHS...maybe years.
I thought I would talk about stuff I have been thinking about lately...
I went grocery shopping and bought some truvia.
It was pretty good' .
I think I could actually use this stuff.
I tried splenda..but it still had that weird aftertaste.
I tried it and had my friend try it.
We both thought it was doable.
So starting tomorrow, I will be using truvia in my coffee.
I also realized how much I dislike eating the same things repetitively...
and my inability to get my family to suck down turkey sausage and bell peppers four or five days a week is starting wear on me.
I am going to try to 'mix it up' a bit in the kitchen.
I would like to have a bit more variety in my food.
I don't think you should go months and months eating two kinds of breakfast or one kind of lunch or two kinds of dinner.
So on Sunday I am going to try TJ's 'baked oatmeal"
Wish me luck.
I do mean that. I could start a fire.
I only did a three mile walk because the weather wasn't cooperating today.
So I will be going to the gym tomorrow.
Full on one and a half hour workout...
There are only a few days left in the month and I want to be sure i hit my goal of 160 by the end.
I am thinking of calling my little brother and relieving him of his unused p90x workouts.
The poor things are just sitting there...and I am in need of shaking things up a bit with regards to my workouts and such not. I am not made of money...
So, I may call him later and ask him to lend it to me.
I just want to give it three months and see if I can't hit 'normal' with it.
Right now I am only about 20 lbs away...If I started on may 18th...my one year anniversary (I should be around 157, and went for three months, I should be able to hit normal by the end of those three months.
that would only be 16 or 17 lbs...in three months...I think it's doable with this kind of workout regimen.
If I do that...hit normal...then I will be willing to let the last ten pounds come off over a longer period of time as I tone up and  settle into the kind of exercise routine that works for me, say 6 months or so.
I don't want to be working out any more than 1 hour to 1  hour and 15 minutes a day 6 days a week.
So I would want to incorporate maybe 45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training...or maybe two or three days of an exercise that incorporates both (like kickboxing)...

We'll see, it's a few months away.
Right now I am focusing in on getting the last 30 lbs off.
So, I know I always had questions for people who only have 20 to 30 lbs left....So fire away.
Ask away.
I am open for questions.
Hope you all are having a fab day....


Amber said...

I have no doubt you'll be at goal in a short time! You're just blasting through all this weight loss.
Keep it up!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

I am totally with you on wanting to change up my meals. As soon as this "lovely" challenge is over, I'll be busy in the kitchen. Baked oatmeal is pretty easy, I think your house should be safe, lol. :-)

kellidee said...

you can make it to your goal..your already slim..just keep going..i know you will get there..and yes changing meals is something i need to do too..i hate getting into ruts..have a good weekend..loveya,kelli

Kim said...

I'm gonna try TJ's oatmeal too. Sounds yummo. Also, go to Nutmeg Notebook's blog. She's got some awesome recipes. I'm pretty sure she puts the nutritional info on most recipes as well. I was making the same things all the time too and went to her website and it's helped me change things up a lot at dinner time. :) So happy for you on all your progress btw. :)

Heather Coyle said...

I'm going to be getting the p90x too! My best friend is doing it and it really makes a difference!

Anonymous said...

I like the Truvia too, but I also am okay with Splenda. Truvia is a lot better though. I really like the taste of it even better than sugar.

Unknown said...

I like Truvia the best as well - although I've cut out all artificial sweeteners since I've been pregnant.
I agree you should mix up your meals a bit - getting bored with food is a bad thing!
Have a great weekend!

Sean Anderson said...


We are so like minded along this road!
I haven't tried the Truvia, but I've thought about it...Just might do it now. Thank you.
I'm crunched for time this morning---but I had to stop by and tell you how much I appreciated your comment response to "anonymous" on my blog. Your response was nice and direct---and spot on. It was absolutely brilliant---ringing with the unmistakable sounds of truth.
I read that comment of yours and smiled big---that's exactly what I was thinking---
I don't think that commenter is deliberately trying to bring people down---but this negative encouragement is absolutely a side effect of his/her experience and personality. Obviously a frustrated individual.

Thank you very much,
My best always

Maria Bloodwell said...

Fake sugars always do taste a little odd. Anyway you're getting closer. All you need now is a magic watch that tells you whenever you've lost a pound... man that would be awesome. I need to invent that now.

Unknown said...

Let me know when you make the baked oatmeal! It's good- and you can add in so many different things to it too! :)

Patsy said...

I'm stunned to see you've still got 30lbs to go to goal. All the very best in getting there in a timeframe you're happy with.

Have a fantastic weekend! :o)

Patsy x

Robin said...

I agree that you do need to mix up your menu a little bit. It does get dull eating the same stuff day after day. Good luck with that.

Now, about what you left on my post... I watched your links. That was right in the heyday of my DOL obsession so thanks for the walk down memory lane. It was a love affair that started around 1983 and lasted almost ten years. So, that was familiar stuff.

I, too, love Sonny and Brenda. In fact, I loved Sonny, Brenda, and Jax. It remains IMO one of the only trianges that actually ended up working. Vanessa Marcil is just amazing. I read somewhere that she would have chemistry with a doorknob. I can see that. She made me believe it. She loved them both. Not many people can really pull that off. I was always in favor of Sonny/Brenda, but I liked Brenda/Jax too. What a dilemma. Anywhoozle. Here's a clip that I thought you might like from the best of Sonny/Brenda...


I just missed the Robin/Stone storyline. I was still hanging onto DOL hoping it would get better. It didn't. I would have been much happier (sadder) in Port Charles.

Lindsay said...

LOVE it! You have done fabulous! Way to go so inspiring! Thanks for sharing I'm new to your blog thought and wanted to wish you good luck and tell you good job!

Tammy said...

I am soooo far behind in blog reading....trying to catch up! I use a brand called Stevia in the Raw, but I've also used Truvia and Purevia when I've had coupons....it's all stevia, so it's all the same thing. I used it the first day several months ago and never went back to sugar. I like it just fine and I don't detect an aftertaste like I do with Splenda. I just don't like Splenda.