Day of rest part deux

I managed to have a 2nd saturday in a row where I wasn't running all over h*ll and creation doing errands.
I ate my calories but didn't exercise.
I did take my kids to Barnes and nobles...I got them a cup of hot chocolate...and me a cup of regular coffee.
The got lemon pound cake..I got some sort of strange tasting chicken cous cous salad with chicken and almonds and golded raisins...(360 cal.)
I like to try new things.
Learning  how to eat out, eat in and all the rest..
coming up with a plan of attack for maintenance before the battle starts has been my goal for the last month now.
It may have slowed my weight loss down...but I want patterns that are comfortable and that I will stick to once I hit goal weight.
*I don't like chicken cous cous salad with golden raisins....I still ate it because that was lunch.
Now I know.
I have had their fruit and cheese thing that is around the same calories...and I enjoyed that MUCH more.
This road trip that is coming up back east...(somewhere in the middle of summer) will be a good opportunity to see how I cope when I am out of my comfort zone and have to deal with being in a car and in strange places...How do I get my exercise in, what foods will I eat.
It's good practice..because when the kids are out of the house..I plan to travel more.
I want to be able to stick to some semblance of a plan.
It's for life, and having coping mechanisms in place for most things will be key.
It's back to the gym tomorrow.
It is also my 11 month anniversary of my first weigh in...I may be at 100 lbs lost.
I may not.
But I will post my weight either way.
I am going to bed now...It's only 7:42...but you know what..
I don't care.
On my day of rest..I am going to rest.
I will work tomorrow.
Have a great night.


Alexia said...

Sweet dreams, dear!

Alexia said...

And I love that you and your girls hang out in Barnes and Nobles. That's my favorite spot!

Retta said...

Sounds like you've figured out that maintenance is just more of the same, just less strict (that's what I've read, anyways). Good for you.

kellidee said...

good luck on reaching the 100 pounds..i know you will..you are doing great and it is a good idea to start now with the maitenance of the weightloss..we need to just count the calories in whatever we eat..have a good sunday..and thank you..kelli

Linda Pressman said...

Quite a sage comment, Chris: "On the day of rest I'm going to rest." Really, everyone needs a day of rest. I also don't exercise on Saturdays. Although I love love love Jazzercise just not having to be somewhere at 9:15 in the morning, especially when the kids don't have to be anywhere, is a wonderful pleasure!

Manon~ said...

They say the easy part is losing it- and the hardest part is keeping it off. I think the difference between succeeding or not, in keeping it off, comes along the way. I lost 180lbs by following a liquid diet, day one of maintainence I compuslively over eat lettuce - two whole lettuces -- I mean der!!!. Plainly I had learnt zilch - nada- zero. When I am willing to look at the why and where of what I am eating with complete honesty, I start to learn the lesson's and many of them will be what keep me on the straight and narrow if (still not totally sure of myself lol) and when I get to that point.

Great Stuff Chris!

Anonymous said...

I traded my day of rest for a couple of vodka and diet tonics last night. It was fun to be outside sipping a cocktail with friends, but I'll decide whether or not it was worth it about 20 minutes in to my elliptical workout today. :)

Putz said...

so here i am wondering how you can eat out at baresnes and nobles and know, yes absolutely know there was 360 calories in a chicken dish????suppose they were to put a 600 calorie sause on it unbeenounced to you>>>youslay me counting the calories of foood prepared for you by others, maybe the dish you were served was 653 calories and you just guessed wrong,,,,,HOOO hOOO HOOO

karen@fitnessjourney said...

What a great plan to start your maintenance program now, while you are still losing. How often do you hear that it wasn't losing weight that was difficult, it was maintaining the loss. Good luck Chris.

outdoor.mom said...

good job on all you are doing. you are so - so - so darn Deliberate!! I am wayyy too wishy washy with calories. You are a great inspiration. I think the cous cous salad would have been yucky too! I do like raisens in my lettuce salads though :-) especially with feta - yum!

Christine said...

Hey Mr. Putz....lol. The had the nutrition info on the back of the pack...good try though.