166.5 lbs and saddle up.

That was my weight this morning.
Which is a grand total of 5.5 lbs lost...
or..hold one...let me break out my handy dandy calculator...
Is on average, a 621 calorie deficit per day.
I feel like I am chipping on Granite with a spork.
So I am throwing down the dieting gauntlet.
I am planting my flag on the number 160 and going for it.
I want to be 160 lbs by May 1rst.
So from now till may 1rst I have to have an average daily deficit of 785 calories.
That means my workouts will have to average around 600 and my diet a deficit of 200.
I think this is doable.
And by doable, I mean doing what it takes to make it doable.

I moved all my art stuff back out onto my desk.
I moved my drawing books, my pencils...colored and graphite, my natural light lamp and I have pinned some old art work up on the walls.
But, just The art work that I feel most truly represents the direction I want to go in...
I also threw out my paralegal books, gave my crochet stuff away and organized my sock drawer.
I am going to go through my makeup and look around to see what kind of skin care regimen I want to do...
This may not seem important, but If I see one more rough looking thirty year old at walmart I may start randomly applying moisturizer.
I think it may be our climate, it is dry.
But if you want to keep your skin in good condition, DON'T TAN.
It, along with smoking, drinking and using a belt sander on your face...will age you.
Maybe I ought to go into makeup and hair...I don't know.
That is for another day....Right now..I am going to focus in on colored pencil drawing.
If feels good to have a focus.
And by focus it means I am going to put in at least three hours a week.
one hour during the week and two hours on Saturday.
Tomorrow I will enter my weight...my food intake, and my calories burned via whichever sort of exercise I do.
It's on baby.
I tried hard to upload a few pics...but couldn't.
Don't know if it's blogger or my connection.
I will try again tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a great day.


Amber said...

Hey, your beating me right now with this months weight loss.
I am terrified to even look at the scale, it may have gone up. Gonna have to change that!

Go for it! You'll be at 160 before the end of the month I bet.
Good luck.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

160 by May 1st is a great goal, very attainable I would think. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my April goals, late I know, but this being out of town stuff is really messing with my routines, lol.

Seth said...

I think a lot of us, at least from what I've read today, is around that 5 - 6 lb loss this month. I'll take it though. you are going for 6 pounds this month 6.5 lbs this month...I'm going to try and match it. That'll put me in the glorious 100's. My wife would have loved all of that crochet stuff!

Anonymous said...

I don't think my body knows math. But I know that you'rer going to see your goal weight in no time! congrats on the hard work. Deb

Tara said...

160 here you come!!!!!!

It is so on baby!

Linda Pressman said...

Chris, I'm with you on the skin care issues. I consider one of the greatest things to ever happen to my skin was moving to Arizona where it was too darn hot to actually sun bathe. We hide inside when it's hot and, with that and the fat, I ended up with pretty nice skin. I also learned somewhere to treat my neck like my face and I've used moisturizer since I was 18.

Glad about the art. Cool that you're setting a schedule. When I set a schedule for my writing, amazing things get done!

Retta said...

Just busting out your art supplies and making them accessible will inspire you. I love that you set a schedule, too.

That is the one thing I have been lax in... I let all the other stuff with a deadline eat up my time, and since I haven't set a deadline on my art, it gets shoved back.

I think I need to follow your example!

Miz said...

totally realistic and a SMART goal.
That said, I can not believe its already APRIL!
Where is the time going...


Leslie said...

I guaran-damn-tee you that you'll be at 160 before May 1. Good lord - I remember when you broke into onederland! Awesome work, woman!

MB said...

Keep up the good work. You will be seeing those 160's in no time.

When you get a minute, hop on over to my blog and pick up your Easter basket.

Boozy Tooth said...

It's on baby.

I love your resolve Chris. It's always inspirational to come here and watch as you meet the challenge day after day. You know why that's important? Because whether you're still chipping away at that granite goal with a spork or whether you've planted your flag on top, one thing is for certain... you're not done.

It's a day by day, everyday, every single moment thing. And at some point you actually become friends with the everydayness.

Chip on sister.

Learning to be Less said...

Girl...166? That is so low!!! 5.5 pounds is awesome. I am super jealous. I feel like I have gained that much this week.

Keep up the great work. I think you will hit that goal. I know how frustrating it can be - the smaller you get, the slower it comes off.

Tony said...

Good luck reaching your goal. Sounds like you have all the calories figured out to a tee. You are doing fantastic, Chris :).

Robin said...

You didn't ask for skin care advice, but I will offer it up and you can take it or leave it. I have dry skin and always have. I have tried a lot of different brands. I used Clinique for a long time in my 20s. In my 30s I went to a Mary Kay party and their moisturizer BLEW ME AWAY. Their 3-in-1 cleanser was also moisturizing. I was shocked. I kinda thought if you bought an expensive moisturizer is was pretty much the same. It is NOT. Mary Kay was actually cheaper and so much better. My skin felt hydrated for the first time ever. I will never go back. Two products ~ all you need. If you don't know someone who sells it, you can check it out online. And I think that they have discount store online that has the word pink in it. I can't remember the name...

Putz said...

hey i just noticed that you are beating amber this week on weight loss and weight loss goals, wayt tyo go